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Upgrading Your Thermostat: Simple and Effective

Monday, March 20th, 2017

hand-adjusting-thermostatJust last week the Northeast was being pummeled by a late season snowstorm. When something like that happens, it can be a bit difficult to believe that spring is already here today. It’s certainly still chilly enough to feel like winter, but it won’t be too much longer before the days begin to warm up. Very soon, we’ll be reminding you to get your air conditioning system tuned up for the summer season. Today, though, we want to recommend a very simple HVAC upgrade that can prove seriously beneficial.

Replacing your thermostat in Westport, CT may not sound like much of a priority. After all, your existing thermostat regulated your heater just fine throughout the winter. Do you really want to settle for “just fine,” though? You don’t have to replace your entire HVAC system to start enjoying a better overall heating and cooling performance. You may just need to change the way in which you control your current setup.


Are You Ready for a New AC?

Monday, March 6th, 2017

In our last blog post,AC-service-technician we discussed the replacement of your heating system. Today, we are going to talk about replacing your air conditioner. Now, we know what you’re thinking. It’s still way too chilly to be running your AC in this area, and will be for some time. That’s precisely the point, though. Replacing your air conditioner before you really need it is preferable to waiting until the last minute, and for a number of reasons.

Obviously you aren’t going to want to replace a relatively new air conditioner that is working just fine, but there are plenty of instances in which even an AC functioning reliably may be replaced with good reason. Keep the following in mind, and remember to schedule your air conditioning replacement in Fairfield, CT with us. We’ll make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the results.


Air Conditioner Size Matters. Here’s Why

Monday, April 11th, 2016

There are a lot of factors that go into selecting a new air conditioning system. Some of them are obvious, like fuel type or cost. Others are a bit more subtle, like size. Now, of course you’re not going to install a air conditioner that physically cannot fit in the space you have. However, physically fitting the system into the space is not the only size consideration that matters. Read on to find out what can happen if the air conditioner is too large or too small for your home. (more…)

How to Set Your Thermostat for Very Hot Days: the 20 Degree Rule

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

We are in the dog days of summer, where temperatures are over 90 and the humidity matches. These are the days when your whole home air conditioning system works its hardest, which is also the time when it is most likely to breakdown if it has been experiencing problems. Keeping the stress off of your AC system can be a challenge when it is very hot out, but there is a simple rule that can help: the 20 degree spread. (more…)

The Dynamic Duo of Your AC Coils

Monday, May 4th, 2015

“Coil” can be such a generalized word that using it in relation to your air conditioner can be vague at best. But the simple fact is that the coils in your air conditioning system play important roles, and without them, your home wouldn’t stay cool. So what are these coils and why are they so important? Let’s take a look. (more…)

What Happens During Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Air conditioning maintenance sessions are an invaluable way for you to extend the life of your AC unit: lowering monthly costs, reducing the risks of damage and stopping big problems while they’re still relatively small. In towns like Fairfield, CT, where heat and humidity are part and parcel of summertime, an annual maintenance session each spring can help you rest a little easier when the temperature starts to climb. But unless you’re an air conditioning professional, you might not know exactly what’s involved in the process. What happens during air conditioning maintenance? We’ve provided a brief rundown below. (more…)

How Can I Benefit from Duct Replacement?

Friday, December 12th, 2014

The ventilation system connected to an air conditioner and forced-air heater is essential for proper comfort inside a home. The ductwork must retain an airtight seal so that the air inside won’t lose pressure and won’t either gain or lose heat. Should the integrity of the ducts decline because of holes, gaps, or lose connections, it will jeopardize the entire HVAC system.

Celco Heating and Air Conditioning offers services to care for residential ductwork, such as duct sealing. But sometimes sealing holes along ducts is insufficient for restoring the HVAC system; in these cases, replacing the ducts is the better option. Ductwork replacement is also helpful for upgrading to a new heating and cooling system, where the older ducts are not suited to the replacement system, or in situations where the ducts were poorly installed in the first place. Our ductwork specialist will provide you with the duct replacement in Hamden, CT that you need. Call us today to set up an appointment.

How ductwork replacement will benefit you

  • Energy savings: When ducts sustain enough damage that they require replacement, they will have a devastating effect on energy efficiency. Air leaks and drops in air pressure will press the heating and cooling system to work harder than they should, and you will see energy bills skyrocket. Fully replacing the faulty ducts will shore up your HVAC system against large energy losses.
  • Indoor air quality improvement: When you consider that most of the ductwork runs through closed-in, dusty areas of a house (between the walls, through ceilings, crawlspaces), you’ll understand why a broken duct can allow in so many harmful contaminants. You don’t want such pollutants, many of which are toxic, to end up blown into the house. New ducts will help you protect your indoor air from a steep decline.
  • Better comfort: Along with reduction in airflow and temperature changes that will reduce the level of heating or cooling that you receive, damaged ducts can also lead to changes in the humidity inside the ducts and consequently inside the house. New ducts will keep your comfort levels stable. They will also help with upgrades to your heating and cooling system so you will get the most out of a new installation.

Make sure you watch for warning signs that you may need new ducts put in: loss of airflow from the vents, rumbling and rattling sounds, odd odors, and massive leaps in heating and cooling costs. At the first indication that your home’s ducts are losing integrity, call Celco Heating and Air Conditioning. We will determine if you need ductwork replacement in Hamden, CT, and can supply whatever work necessary to secure your ventilation system.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

You have more choices than you once did when it comes to the type of air conditioning system you want in your Connecticut home. We at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning want to give you a short list of the most common kinds of AC systems to guide you toward the best one for your needs. If you need Fairfield, CT air conditioning experts, look to Celco Heating and Air Conditioning.

Split AC systems: This is the most common type of home air conditioner. It consists of two units: an indoor evaporator, which houses the evaporator coil that absorbs heat from inside your home, and an outdoor unit—or condenser—that blows out hot air. The fan in the indoor unit blows cool air from the evaporator into a series of ducts that distributes it across your home. This is an effective system for a house with a furnace for heating, since the air conditioner can use the same ductwork.

Heat pump: This is similar to the split system—except that it can reverse its operation and blow warm air into your home during the cold season. Something to keep in mind is that heat pumps make effective air conditioners, but when it comes to warming your home, they do not provide as much heat as a furnace or a boiler.

Ductless mini splits: Although used in commercial buildings for many years, ductless mini splits have recently started to appear in homes. As the name implies, they don’t require ducts: instead, they use a series of indoor air handlers with blowers connected by refrigeration lines to the outside compressor and condenser unit. It is similar to a window unit AC, except the part hanging outside the window is placed much farther off. Aside from the advantages of not needing ducts, ductless mini splits allow you to control the temperature in separate rooms independently of one another. You can choose to cool only the parts of the house that are being used, which adds up to energy savings.

Although this list will give you some idea of what system is best for your home, it is always a good idea to call on HVAC experts to help you make the right choice for your specific needs. When you need that help, or if you are ready for a new air conditioning installation, Celco Heating and Air Conditioning is available in Fairfield, CT to give you premium quality service that will give you both cool and efficient air conditioning.

How Can I Increase My Air Conditioning Efficiency This Summer?

Friday, August 30th, 2013

An effective performance from your air conditioning during the summer months is very important. Considering how much you are going to use your air conditioning system, though, keeping your home cool throughout the season can be a very costly endeavor. For some, sufficient air conditioning may become cost prohibitive. At Celco Heating and Air Conditioning, we believe that everyone deserves to keep their home cool and comfortable throughout the air conditioning season. That is why we have compiled some tips to help you achieve more efficient air conditioning in Westport, CT.

Contact our air conditioning experts today for more information about keeping your cooling costs in check.

One great way to take some of the strain off of your air conditioning system this summer is to supplement the performance of your AC with any fans you may have. Ceiling and floor fans may not actively cool the air the way that your air conditioner does, but they do help to circulate conditioned air throughout your home. This means that more cooling will reach more areas of your house, increasing comfort and allow you to scale back a bit at the thermostat.

You can also take advantage of the natural temperature drop that nighttime brings to the area in an effort to cool your home more efficiently. By giving your AC a rest and opening up your windows before bed, you can cut down on electricity use and ventilate your home at the same time. While you obviously do not want the windows open when operating your air conditioning system, trying to keep your home airtight can have a negative impact on indoor air quality. Keep your air from going stale by ventilating it at night. When you wake up, close the windows and block out the sun with blinds to trap the cool, fresh air in and cut down on radiant heating from the sun’s rays.

For more tips on how to boost AC efficiency this summer, call Celco Heating and Air Conditioning today. We also offer exceptional air conditioning maintenance services, the best way to ensure that your AC is kept in great working condition.

Let our Westport, CT air conditioning professionals help you enjoy efficient, reliable cooling this summer.

Why Cleaning Your Air Could Help Reduce Air Conditioning Repair

Monday, June 24th, 2013

You likely don’t give your home’s air quality much thought. However, setting up an air filter in your ductwork or air handler can have several important benefits for homeowners. If your air conditioning system is struggling and needs professional help, call the Fairfield, CT air conditioning repair professionals at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning. We wanted to raise awareness about the importance of good indoor air quality so read on below about how it could benefit your home.

Benefits of Air Filters

During the normal operation of your home there are a number of harmful contaminants that can start to build up in your home’s air supply. Things like dust, pet dander, pollen, bacteria and viruses are all types of air pollutants. An air filtration system is designed to remove those things and improve air quality. But it could also have a positive impact on your home’s AC system as well. Here’s how:

Depending on the type and age of your ductwork, there could be large chunks of construction debris or build-up of contaminants like dust and dirty. Your air conditioning system has to work harder to push the air past these clogs which means that it experiences more wear and tear. This might light to an increase in the need for repair. But when you have an air filter it will likely be able to remove those contaminants from your air and keep them from building up in your ducts which could reduce the need for Fairfield, CT air conditioning repair.

Inside your home’s air conditioning system it has a series of coils call the evaporator coils. Over time, dust and bacteria can start to build up on the coils. This can lead to a number of problems including a clogged condensate line (which leads to water leaks) and foul odors in your home. By filtering out those contaminants you could be able to avoid those types of repairs.

No matter what kind of air conditioning system you have, make sure that you call Celco Heating and Air Conditioning for all your Fairfield, CT air conditioning repair needs.