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Ways that Air Filters Can Help Your Home

Friday, June 27th, 2014

When it comes to pollutants in the air, the natural instinct is to think about what’s outside – but the truth is, you can have a number of pollutants inside as well. Since most people spend a great deal of their time inside their homes, it makes sense that you’d want to maintain high indoor air quality therein. Call Celco Heating and Air Conditioning to do so.

Here in Greenwich, we have lots of greenspace, but at the same time, we are close to very busy major highways, a very active Long Island Sound and of course, close proximity to New York City. Any one of these outdoor environments can make it challenging to keep a healthy indoor environment, so when you put all 3 together, it can be tough to keep our indoor air fresh and healthy. One of the ways our customers have been able to keep their indoor air clean is by installing whole-home air filters to their air conditioning in Greenwich.

How Do Air Filters Help?

There are several types of air filters, and each cleans in its own way, but in general, an air filter captures and keeps the small micro-particles in your air, such as pollen, mold spores and dust mites. The standard air filter your air conditioner comes with is not intended to clean the air; rather, its job is to screen out debris and high levels of dust and dirt that can build up in your system. While the standard air filter can improve indoor air quality a little, the weave in the fiber is too big to capture anything smaller than normal-size dust and dirt particles. This is why, if you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to certain environmental pollutants, you may want to consider using a high-grade air filter.

Reasons to Use an Air Filter

Reason #1 – Allergies

With all the allergy medications available, it can seem like no one should have problems with allergies; unfortunately, there’s a lot more to managing allergies and allergic reactions than just taking medication. By cleaning the air with an air filter, allergens like pollen, mold and mildew spores, pet dander and dust mites can be captured and removed from the indoor air circulation, helping to curb constant inflammation and allergy attacks from these particles.

Reason #2 – Help with respiratory issues

Many respiratory issues, such as asthma and COPD, can become worse with poor indoor air quality. Having clean air in the home means those with respiratory issues aren’t using just their lungs to filter the air, helping to reduce the amount of attacks they may have.

Reason #3 – Better comfort

Breathing clean air can mean better health, better sleeping and all-around better living.

Looking to Improve Your Indoor Air?

Want better air quality in your home, but aren’t sure if an air filter is right for your air conditioning system in Greenwich?

To properly address your air filtration needs call Celco Heating and Air Conditioning today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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3 Signs Your Generator Needs Repair

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Your generator can be a lifeline in an emergency, providing you with power, light and heat whenever disaster strikes. But in order for it to do its job, it needs to be ready to go on a moment’s notice. That means getting it tested on a regular basis and repaired in the event that something is wrong. If you need a specialist in generator repair, Westport has one, but how can you tell you require those kinds of services in the first place? Here are 3 signs your generator needs repair.

  • Worn electrical components. Any inspection of your generator should include a close look at the wires, buttons and other electrical elements. If they show signs of damage, the unit should probably be repaired. Those signs can include frayed wires, loose connectors, buttons that stay stuck when you press them or overloads that shut the generator down at inappropriate times. In addition, test the voltage on the battery and make sure it’s up to snuff. If it isn’t, you may need to get it replaced.
  • Leaks. The longer a generator lasts, the more likely it is to spring a leak from a hose, line or storage pan. Leaks can include oil or fuel (depending on the kind of generator you own) as well as coolant designed to keep the engine block from overheating. Check around it for puddles and call a technician if you spot any.
  • Trouble starting up or running. When generators sit for a long time, the lack of use can drain the battery, as well as damaging other parts of the engine. If your generator has a hard time starting up, or if it runs only fitfully, it’s time to call in a service technician.

In order to spot the signs that your generator needs repair, give it a thorough inspection at least once every few months, then run it for 15-30 minutes while checking for any trouble. If you notice a problem, then contact the experts at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning for help.

We’ll give your generator a thorough inspection to ensure it’s ready when you need it. In matters of generator repair, Westport residents know who to turn to. Give us a call to set up an appointment today!

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Common Repair Problems with Commercial Air Conditioning

Friday, June 13th, 2014

During a regular summer season, you will probably need to have the air conditioning system in your business running on a near-constant basis to adequately cool down the workspace and keep your employees, customers, and clients content. Maintaining satisfaction is an essential part of running a business. When your commercial air conditioning in Fairfield, CT starts to malfunction, you have to call for trained repairs from specialists right away; hesitation is not an option in the business world.

For fast repairs from NATE-certified technicians familiar with commercial systems, look to Celco Heating and Air Conditioning. We offer 24-hour emergency service, so when your business is open, so is ours.

Some common repair troubles for commercial AC

  • An AC that is only blowing warm air: When you begin hearing complaints that the workspace is hot and stuffy, but air is still blowing from the vents, there’s a problem with the air conditioner that has caused it to fail at cooling. There might be trouble with the evaporator coil or the compressor, and both these issues need to have a commercial technician look at them immediately before the problem worsens. (Compressor damage can be particularly problematic and expensive to fix.)
  • Insufficient cooling:The air conditioner is working, but not at the level it should, and again you find people complaining about lack of comfort. A common cause for this in a commercial AC is trouble with the thermostats. Since businesses have multiple thermostats, failure in one of them can cause an imbalance in an area that might affect the others. Commercial HVAC repair technicians will know how to diagnose the problem and get to the source.
  • Damage to the rooftop unit: Most commercial ACs are packaged rooftop units that contain both the evaporator and the condenser. The rooftop location protects the system from damage due to vandalism, but it is still open to weather conditions that may lead to debris getting into the cabinet. Noisy operation from the system, or a drop in airflow, may indicate problems inside the cabinet from damage. Trust to commercial specialists to investigate and solve the problem.

Commercial HVAC systems are extensive and expensive to install; you want to take the best care of the one you have so it will service your company for many years. The best way to ensure this is to trust the repairs only to NATE-certified technicians who specialize in commercial systems. This isn’t a job for residential repair technicians or amateurs.

Call Celco Heating and Air Conditioning for quality service for your commercial air conditioning in Fairfield, CT. We’ve cooled down businesses since 1976.

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Here Are 3 Ways to Lower Your Cooling Bills This Summer

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Making it through the summer without large electrical bills to power your air conditioner is tough. Most of the time, you have to simply accept that you need to have the air conditioner running. However, you don’t have to accept inflated bills at the same time: you’re probably paying more for your air conditioning than you have to, and through a few basic methods you can put a dent in those high cooling costs. We’ll show you how.

Celco Heating and Air Conditioning want you and your family to have a great summer, and we’re always here to help you when there’s trouble with your air conditioner.

For repairs or AC maintenance in Greenwich, CT, call our skilled and NATE-certified air conditioning maintenance experts, any time of the day or night.

3 tips to lower air conditioning costs

  • Regularly change the air filter: This is the #1 reason that many homeowners end up paying more for cooling their home than they should. The filter blocks debris from entering the air conditioner cabinet, but if it isn’t changed once a month during the summer (when the system runs the most) it will become clogged and make it difficult for air to pass through the return vents. The AC will need to use more electricity to draw sufficient air, leading to a large power drain. You can change the filter yourself, and keep it up for the rest of the season.
  • Careful thermostat control: It’s easy to abuse the thermostat by putting it at the lowest setting each time you turn it on (for most systems, this is around 50°F­) thinking that this will cool down the house faster. However, it will only keep the AC on longer, wasting energy and providing you an uncomfortably chilly temperature. Instead, program you thermostat to around 72°F during the day, and raise it at night. This change alone can save you around 30% off your bills a year.
  • Regular maintenance: The best way to save money with your AC is to schedule regular annual maintenance for it with a professional technician. Maintenance not only makes sure that your air conditioner is running without impending repair needs, but it will also clean, adjust, and tune-up the system so it runs at its best and won’t drain any excess energy. If you haven’t had your maintenance check for this year yet, hurry up and arrange it before the summer heat grows more intense.

Sign up for our maintenance program

Celco Heating and Air Conditioning offers excellent AC maintenance in Greenwich, CT. With our plan, you not only receive an annual check-up and tune-up, but also a 15% discount on our services and priority scheduling. Contact us today to start saving money.

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