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Furnace v.s. Heat Pump: What Team are You On?

Monday, November 25th, 2019

furnaces-and-heat-pumpsThe debate of furnace vs. heat pump has been around for a while, and gets reignited before every winter among property owners who want to install a new heating system. If you don’t know which team you are on and can’t decide on the right option for your property, continue reading this piece.

This post will give you a quick comparative overview of furnaces and heat pumps.

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Yes, It Might Be Time to Let Go of Your Furnace

Monday, November 11th, 2019

furnace-flameYou can only make your winters warm and cozy in Connecticut if you have a working furnace installed at your property. Like any other home comfort system, furnaces have a certain lifespan, and after that, the wise thing is to let go of them. Since the furnace is one of those home appliances that continue to serve for over a decade, it is tricky to know when to bid farewell to your furnace.

If you are sensing that the time for replacing your furnace has come, take these factors into account. They will confirm if you should say goodbye to your old furnace.  

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