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Celco Heating and Air Conditioning

He wanted to improve the overall comfort of his customers’ homes by offering products and services that improved the air quality and the efficiency of the home as well. He wanted to make these services available to any customer, including those on a tight budget. We’ve continued his commitment to our customers for over 47 years, and remain dedicated to developing unique and budget–conscious solutions for our customers.

Experience and a Large HVAC Product Selection

In order to be able to meet the goals that we were found with, Celco Heating and AC offers a huge range of products and services. Heating is a big priority for homeowners in Connecticut so we provide a full selection of services. We’ve made sure that our NATE–certified technicians have the skills and experience to offer Celco repair, installation, and maintenance for any type or brand of heating system.

Whether you have a furnace, boiler, radiant heating system, heat pump, ductless mini split heating system or any other piece of equipment, our experts can work on them. For air conditioning, we offer the same variety of services including Celco AC installation, repair, and maintenance for all kinds of systems.

More than Heating and Air Conditioning

Beyond heating and air conditioning, we can provide your home with indoor air quality installation that can help remove many common contaminants out of your air. The EPA estimates that poor indoor air quality is one of the top 5 leading threats to respiratory health. From air filters and dehumidifiers, to Celco duct repair and duct sealing, Celco Heating and AC can do it all.

Considering the extreme weather that we sometimes get here on the East Coast, a backup generator could be a real benefit when storms suddenly hit. Celco Heating and AC offers comprehensive Celco generator, backup generator, and automatic standby generator installation and repairs.

Water Heaters
Water heaters are one of the most–used components of your home. Our specialists can provide you with complete Celco water heater installation, repair, and maintenance for both tank and tankless systems. If you’re curious to know if a tankless water heater is right for your home, just give us a call. We can help determine if your home is appropriate for a tankless water heater.

Mask Group

HVAC Service for Businesses

We are a proud member of the business community here in Celco, and we are excited to offer quality heating and air conditioning services to our business partners. We’ve worked with businesses of all types to help them keep their customers, tenants, and employees comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside. Call the Celco commercial heating and air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance specialists at Celco Heating and AC today.

The Celco heating and air conditioning experts at Celco Heating and AC offer quality heating and air conditioning repair, installation, water heaters, generators, and other HVAC services throughout Fairfield and Stamford, CT and the surrounding areas.

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