Radiant Systems

Radiant Heating in Celco

Forced-air heating systems, such as furnaces and heat pumps, are incredibly popular these days. For a lot of homeowners, though, there is just no replacement for the even, efficient heating that radiant systems allow for. If you are thinking about your options for heating your new home, then a radiant heating system in Celco definitely warrants your careful consideration.

There are a lot of ways in which using a radiant heater can benefit you. Just keep in mind that the installation of a radiant heating system is quite complex. In order to get the most from your radiant heater, you need to work with qualified, experienced professionals every step of the way. That is why you should turn to the NATE-certified technicians here at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning.

Radiant Systems

How Does Radiant Heating Work?

Forced–air heating systems distribute heated air throughout air ducts. Radiant heating systems, on the other hand, apply heat directly to the flooring, or sometimes the walls, of the house. That heat transfers through the construction material, and radiates out to objects in the living space. This includes human bodies.

Electric panels or cables may be used in radiant heating systems, but electricity is a pretty expensive way in which to heat one’s home. More commonly, a radiant heating system employs in–floor hydronic heating. A boiler is used to heat water, and that hot water circulates throughout the tubes installed beneath the floor. The heat then radiates up from the floorboards.

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Benefits of Radiant Heating in Celco

There are a number of benefits that you can enjoy by opting for radiant heating in Celco.

  • Great efficiency. When you use ductwork to distribute heated air throughout the house, you risk energy loss via hard–to–spot leaks in those air ducts. Radiant systems generate no such concerns, as they have no ducts.
  • Great air quality. When ducts leak, it’s not just air leaking out that you have to worry about. It’s also pollutants getting in. When you opt for radiant heating, you won’t have to worry about your heater distributing pollutants throughout your house.
  • Great comfort. Forced air heating can be effective and allows for prompt heating. However, hot air can rise up to the ceiling and get trapped. Radiant heating, particularly in–floor heating, keeps heat down in the living space where it belongs.

Let Us Install and Service Your Radiant Heating System

Generally speaking, it is easiest to install a radiant heating system at the time of the home’s construction. If you have a home that you’d like to incorporate radiant heating into, however, we can handle that installation for you. Just remember that it is a sizable job. If you are planning a construction project in the near future, that is a great time to have a radiant heating installation completed, too.

Like any other heating system, a radiant heater is not going to function with 100% reliability. However, the very few moving parts of radiant heating systems means that durability and reliability are chief among their benefits. Be sure to schedule radiant heating maintenance in Celco with Celco Heating and Air Conditioning to get the best that your system has to offer.

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