Comprehensive Fireplace Services in Celco

There are a lot of very old homes here in Connecticut, and many of these homes have fireplaces that are still regularly used. If you take this to mean that the fireplace is an antiquated luxury that doesn’t really have a place in modern homes, however, think again. The fireplace is certainly not a complex new type of heating system, but it is a great source of supplemental heat that still has plenty to offer to modern homeowners.

Just remember that an improperly designed or poorly built/installed fireplace can definitely have a seriously negative impact on your home, your comfort, and your budget. Even worse, it can leave you in a dangerous situation. Working with the Celco Heating and Air Conditioning team eliminates any such worries, though. We’ve been in business for over four decades, now, and you can count on us for exemplary fireplace services in Celco.


Choosing the Right Fireplace for Your Needs

The traditional fireplace that most homeowners immediately picture when they hear the phrase is, of course, the wood–burning fireplace. We can definitely install, repair, or replace a wood–burning fireplace for you. Just keep in mind that it is a major undertaking, and you cannot afford to cut corners. You should also keep in mind the responsibilities that come with owning and operating this type of fireplace.

You are going to be responsible for procuring and splitting wood, and cleaning out the fireplace in the morning when your fire is extinguished. You need to work with a reputable chimney sweep to keep your fireplace in safe working condition. If you think you’d like to use a fireplace in your Celco home, but you want to simplify the process, you may want to consider the use of a gas fireplace.

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We Install Gas and Traditional Fireplaces

Installing both gas– and wood–burning fireplaces comes with different challenges. A traditional fireplace must be well–designed and feature various components, such as the flue, in order to promote a safe operation and efficient burning. From the brickwork to the ensuring that the fireplace doesn’t leak water during storms, it’s a complex job.

A gas fireplace, on the other hand, must burn natural gas safely, and it should be properly sized to act as a supplemental heat source, not just as a visually appealing set piece. There is a lot to consider, but our fireplace professionals are always ready and willing to help. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to use a gas log insert in place of your old wood–burning fireplace, we’re the technicians to trust.

Schedule Your Fireplace Repairs with Us

Is your gas fireplace flickering or failing to ignite? Is its heat output lower than it used to be? Have you noticed cracks in the masonry of your fireplace? Is smoke backing up into your home? You cannot ignore signs of trouble with your fireplace. Doing so can result in dangerous operating conditions. In the best–case scenario, you just won’t be enjoying your fireplace to the fullest.

Fireplace repairs in Celco are never more than a phone call away, fortunately. We are always here to inspect your fireplace and to determine where the issue lies. Once we’ve diagnosed the problem, we can go about completing your fireplace repairs entirely. Call today with any concerns that you may have.

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