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Spring 2015

Why a Ductless Mini–Split is a
Great Option for Home Cooling

For those of you looking for a new air conditioning system before summer sets in, a ductless mini–split might be the perfect solution. Centralized air conditioning has been held up as the ultimate in home cooling for a long time, and it certainly does have a lot to recommend it. However, there are a couple of disadvantages to using a centralized system, as well.

You don’t have a choice about which rooms get cool air; either the whole house gets air conditioned, or none of it. That can lead to a lot of wasted energy keeping parts of the house cool that you aren’t even using. Centralized air also can’t compensate for the different warming rates in different parts of the house. If one room of the house warms up much faster than the other rooms, due to insulation flaws or other factors, it is often much harder to keep that room comfortably cool with a central system.

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What’s Advantageous about Ductless Systems?

Ductless systems, on the other hand, offer a whole new range of advantages to homeowners that centralized air systems cannot match. A ductless mini–split is a heat pump that is installed on the wall or ceiling of the room it is going to serve. A separate unit is installed outside the house, then connected to the inside unit by power and refrigerant lines. Up to four inside units can be connected to a single outside unit.

No Ducts, No Duct Leaks

Let’s take a look at the benefits of this kind of system. For one, the ductless unit eschews all ductwork in favor of delivering cool air directly to the room it serves. By doing this, it bypasses one of the biggest flaws in duct systems: leaks. As much as 30% of a central system’s output on average is lost to leaks in the ductwork. This makes a ductless mini–split much more energy efficient than a central air system.

Multiple Units = Greater Control

By using multiple ductless mini–splits instead of a centralized system, you also garner the advantage of finer control. Each ductless unit is outfitted with its own thermostat, allowing each room to have a different set of parameters for maintaining a comfortable climate. No more wasting energy with a one–size–fits–all solution.

Cooling as well as Heating

Finally, each ductless mini–split can also act as a heating system. This is done by reversing the flow of refrigerant in the system, making a ductless mini–split an energy efficient heater as well as an air conditioner. This could save you hundreds of dollars that would otherwise be spent on a completely separate heater.

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Why Spring is the Best Time for Air Conditioning Maintenance

As winter comes to a close and spring gets underway, it is time for homeowners to start preparing their homes for the coming summer season. Now, it may seem a bit early to start thinking that far ahead. Trust us, though, spring is the perfect time to start preparing your home for the hottest months of the year. One of those preparations should be air conditioning maintenance.

Your air conditioner is a pretty sturdy system, and it’s designed to last for many years. However, all air conditioners are designed with the assumption that their users will be conducting regular preventive maintenance on them. Without that maintenance, your air conditioner may not last nearly as long as you’d like. Most manufacturers recommend that you have your air conditioner checked at least once a year. In fact, a lot of air conditioner warranties require that annual maintenance in order to remain valid. Why spring, though? What makes spring such a good time to schedule air conditioning maintenance?

Well, the best time to conduct maintenance on anything is usually right before you plan on using it more often. Heaters are often serviced in the fall, and air conditioners tend to be serviced during spring. This ensures that any developing issues your air conditioner has are dealt with, before they are exacerbated by the increased usage during the summer. If you don’t conduct annual spring maintenance on your air conditioner, you run the risk of having it break down from the strain during the hot summer months. It will probably be a lot more comfortable to have your air conditioner repaired or replaced during spring, when you don’t necessarily need it, then to spend several days without it during summer.

Your air conditioner’s efficiency will also likely go up after your annual spring maintenance. As wear and tear from normal use begins to accumulate on the system, the various parts in the system slowly begin to decline in their ability to perform their various functions. Some of these parts may need to be replaced, while other just need a good cleaning to be restored to full strength. Either way, an annual maintenance checkup is the best way to ensure that your air conditioner is in prime operating condition. If you haven’t had your annual spring air conditioner checkup yet, give us a call today.

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