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3 Signs It’s Time for Duct Repair

You know that your whole home air conditioning system in Westport, CT, has a number of components to it, but it also has another system attached to it that is often forgotten about: the ductwork. While there aren’t any moving parts to your ductwork, it is a very important part of the overall system because it serves as the delivery route for all of your cool air. However, if your ductwork isn’t in good shape, neither will your cooling be. Because ductwork is hidden behind walls and ceilings, it can be tough to see when problems have developed. This is why it’s important to be aware of certain signs that can indicate your ductwork system needs repair.

The Signs

Here are three signs that can indicate your ductwork needs repairs:

  • Your energy bills are sky-high – a lot of problems can cause your energy bills to rise, but if your AC unit has been given the all-clear and you are still seeing lots of energy being used, it’s likely your ductwork is faulty and needs helps.
  • Your cooling is insufficient– does it seem like the volume of air you are getting in your living spaces is low compared to what it used to be? If you’ve ruled out a dirty air filter, it’s time to have an expert check your ductwork.
  • Your cooling is uneven – do some rooms in your home feel significantly warmer than others? Uneven cooling can indicate that corrosion or even a broken seal may be affecting a particular branch of your ductwork system.
  • Your indoor air quality is very poor – not only does air escape from faulty ductwork, but pollutants, contaminants, odors and excess moisture can enter through the holes, cracks, and disconnections, leading to a serious decrease in your home’s indoor air quality.

If you suspect that your ductwork may be in need of repair, call the indoor air quality experts at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning today and schedule an appointment for ductwork services.

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