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4 Sounds You Should Never Hear Your Furnace Make


Furnaces have a big job to do. During the winters in Celco, they are running every day for months, trying to make your home cozy despite the harsh weather outdoors. So it’s understandable that they make some noise. But sometimes, noises can be the result of your furnace having trouble or needing repair. What sounds are the natural result of your furnace doing its job, and what sounds should cause you concern?

The first thing to understand is that your furnace’s sounds should be consistent. You should hear it humming along during the heating cycle, and if you have a ducted or forced-air system, you will also hear the gentle whoosh of the fan pushing the heated air into your home. Any unexpected, different, sudden, or loud sounds are worth paying attention to. Here are some sounds that may occur when your furnace encounters a problem. 

1: Groaning

This is not just the sound of your poor furnace being tired of working so hard, though that may be the first thing that crosses your mind if you hear a deep groan coming from it. This sound can happen when the motor bearings wear down. Having them replaced promptly can save you from having to replace the whole motor, which is a more expensive repair.

2: Clunking or Screeching

If your blower motor’s fan belt becomes loose or even develops a crack, these sounds might be the first thing you notice. A belt flapping loose within your furnace is a serious concern because it can cause damage to the other components, so a delayed repair can easily become a much more extensive repair. If you hear these noises, reach out right away for furnace repair in Bridgeport, CT

3: Rumbling

Don’t worry, your furnace is extremely unlikely to explode. But that rumble coming from deep within it is not a good sign. This can happen when the burner gets dirty, which can also cause insufficient heat and higher utility bills. You should schedule a repair for now, but in the future, annual maintenance and consistent air filter changes (every 1-3 months) can prevent this problem from recurring.

4: Clicking

Take this sound very seriously. Often, this is a simple mechanical issue. Something such as the outer panel is just a little loose, so the vibration of the furnace causes a clickety-clackety sound. A technician might just need a minute with a screwdriver to resolve it. However, because this sound can also signal a much bigger problem, it’s critical to have a professional assess it. Clicking can be caused by a crack in the heat exchanger, which means that the combustion gasses are not being properly contained. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very serious risk in this situation, so if you hear clicking, don’t simply hope for the best and ignore it. Take action immediately. Use the circuit breaker to turn off the furnace completely and call for emergency repairs. 

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