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Be On the Lookout For These AC Repairs

ac-unitsSome of us take an operating AC unit for granted. As long as it keeps on delivering cooled air, many property owners don’t pay any heed to their units’ maintenance. However, this carefree attitude bites them when they eventually experience avoidable problems. Such issues are not just a recipe for expensive repairs. They also take a toll on your comfort and might leave you with a couple of sleepless nights.

If you want to avoid those unannounced breakdowns and ensuing expenses and hassle, you need to be very diligent about the wellbeing of your air conditioning in Stamford, CT. For instance, you need to look out for all those “minor” AC repairs that don’t seem too big of an issue.

Here, we will discuss all of those seemingly trivial signs and symptoms that might not look too serious at the outset.

Moisture Inside the Ducts

If you notice moisture inside the ductwork, it points towards many issues. First of all, it shows that humidity is seeping into the building. Secondly, it indicates there is a leak or break in the ducts. The presence of humidity due to those minor leakages can affect the efficiency of your AC unit.

A Weird Odor Coming from the Unit

Any weird smell coming from or around your HVAC system indicates that it needs a thorough inspection and service. Those odd odors often stem from mold buildup within the system or even burnt wiring or insulation. In either case, your AC requires professional service.

Don’t ignore any unusual smell coming from your air conditioning system and its components, even if the unit is working fine.

Steeply Increasing Utility Bill

A sudden rise in the utility bill without any plausible reason also hints at an air conditioning issue you are unable to detect. An AC that is not kept in prime working condition will usually suffer an efficiency drop that increases its power consumption for the same cooling output. Inside of putting up with higher energy bills and a looming full breakdown, get your AC unit inspected right away.

A Bit More Noise than Usual

The increasing decibels from the operating HVAC unit are also a sign of possible repair needs. From wobbly components to loose connections and debris interacting with internal machinery, there are many reasons your AC may produce more noise than usual. Address those noises as they crop up to avoid a detailed repair/replacement work.

The Air Is Just Not Cool Enough

If you notice that the usual nip in your AC unit’s chilled air is missing, it might indicate leaking refrigerant or dirty air filters. Unfortunately, it could be as serious as a dying compressor. Get your HVAC system inspected immediately to diagnose the problem accurately and have it fixed, instead of putting up with an underperforming unit.

Celco Heating and Air Conditioning is a reliable contractor for all HVAC services and repairs in Stamford, CT. Our experts offer thorough AC maintenance to detect all the imperceptible issues that need to be fixed.

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