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Common Celco Heating Repair Services

With professional installation and routine maintenance, your heating system can often undergo significant wear and tear until it needs professional repair. Whether you have a furnace, boiler, fireplace, geothermal or hybrid heating system, you need to ensure that it’s in good shape year-round. Your heating system will need professional attention at some point, and so we’d like to share with you some common Celco heating repair services. Call Celco Heating & Air Conditioning today for comprehensive and exceptional services.

  • Furnace turns on and off. This is what’s known as “short cycling.” There are numerous potential causes for its occurrence. One common one is blocked airflow. Your air filter has an important purpose—it prevents the accumulation of dust and debris on sensitive mechanical components. But when it becomes clogged, it actually becomes counter-productive, and cause your furnace to turn on and off, among other things. Clean it regularly (about once a month) during the heating season.
  • Inadequate heating. There is a variety of potential reasons for inadequate heating, but one is related to your thermostat. As your primary user interface, your thermostat is critical to the operation of your heating system. Without it, there is no way to control or adjust your heater. Though it is often understood as a box with buttons, it is essential, and you need to make sure that yours is working properly. It needs to be calibrated to sense the indoor temperature of your home accurately, so that it can communicate it to the control board on the furnace. If there is a connectivity issue, then your furnace may stop heating before your home is truly warm.
  • Fireplace cracks. If you enjoy the warmth and comfort of a New England fireplace, then you’re not alone. Unfortunately, many of our clients’ homes have fireplaces that are fairly old. If the bricks of your chimney are starting to crack, then your fireplace is likely not working as well as it should. Moisture also enters through cracks, and its expansion during cold temperatures can lead to further damage.

For comprehensive Celco heating repairs, call Celco Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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