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Common Fireplace Repairs

Although fireplaces are the oldest of all ways to heat a home, they still last longer on average than modern heating systems. A lot longer—sometimes through multiple generations. You may live in a home with a fireplace that’s much older than you. However, fireplaces do not survive that long without help. Even the sturdiest-built hearth and chimney can begin to fall apart if left without regular maintenance and proper repairs. If you get into the habit of thinking that your fireplace is indestructible, you may end up receiving an unpleasant surprise and find yourself without that cozy winter blaze. To help you stay warm this winter without any unexpected interruptions, we’ve decided to draft some of the most common fireplace repairs we encounter in Stamford.

When you need to have your fireplace repaired or maintained, call up our specialists at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning.

Some common fireplace repairs

  • Sealing cracks: The stones, bricks, and mortar in your fireplace should be able to weather the high temperature from the fires. If cracks begin to develop, it could mean a problem with your fireplace’s efficiency. It might also signal that water is seeping into the bricks, freezing, and then expanding. Water leaks are their own serious problem.
  • Stopping water leaks: Leaks inside the fireplace can come from cracks, but also from damage along the roof. Sometimes, repair technicians will need to replace mortar entirely in the upper fireplace to prevent further leaking.
  • Fixing ventilation problem: You should immediately call for repairs if you notice smoke wafting into your home when you have a fire going. This could mean trouble with the damper, collapsing mortar, or blockages.

Call fireplace experts for repairs and maintenance

Fireplace repairs involve knowledge of bricks and mortars, as well as other specialized skills. Often, repairs will require access to the chimney on the roof. You shouldn’t attempt repairs or investigation into possible repairs on your own. This is a field for fireplace technicians to handle.

Technicians can also provide you with regular maintenance: you should have your fireplace inspected annually to help catch the build-up of potentially dangerous creosote as well as the beginnings of damage like cracks.

Contact Celco Heating and Air Conditioning when you need fireplace repair or any other heating service in Stamford, CT, as well as regular maintenance. We have 24/7 emergency services for any problem you experience with your fireplace.

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