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Decoding Your Heater Noise

covering-earsWhen your furnace starts up to run a heating cycle, you may notice some noise. This noise is normal and not a call for concern. Older furnaces tend to be a bit noisier than modern ones, as newer models are designed to run quietly.

However, sudden and unusual loud noises should not be ignored. Strange noises can indicate serious problems or damage to your heater and a sign that you need heating repair in Stamford, CT.

It’s crucial to watch out for screeching, rattling, or banging sounds that your heating system may produce.  

Reasons Why Your Heater is Making Noises

Highlighted below are the main reasons as to why your heater is making unusual noises.

Blocked Air Ducts

If you hear whistling or screeching sounds, a clogged air filter could be the culprit. It is an indication that your furnace air filter is blocked with dirt, hair, or dust, causing an eerie screech as air tries to get its way through.

Fortunately, you can easily resolve this by cleaning the filter and ducts. Alternatively, you can replace the blocked filter with a new one or use disposable filters.

Other possible causes of the whistling sound include closed vents or dampers, blocked return, and objects trapped in the ductwork. It could also be a sign of an issue with the burners or blowers in your heating system.

In other cases, the cause of the noise will require a technician to fix or replace the furnace.

Blower Motor

An issue with your blower could cause screeching, whistling, or rattling sounds. A blower motor powers the blower. And the blower circulates warm air out of the furnace into your home.

To run efficiently, you need to regularly lubricate the blower motor with a specific lubricant. However, if such maintenance is not done, the fan will stop working and the furnace will sustain some damages.

If you lack knowledge of the process, it’s best to contact a technician to do the necessary repair or maintenance.

Damaged Heat Exchanger

Rattling noises indicate that your furnaces heat exchanger is dying. When you don’t regularly change your filter and clean your furnace, airflow is restricted. Eventually, heat builds up within the heat exchanger, resulting in cracks and leaks.

When this happens, your home is susceptible to carbon monoxide leaks. If you feel like your home has a carbon monoxide leak, you should switch off the furnace and contact a professional technician who will promptly resolve the issue.

Rattling noises could also signify that there is a loose panel or screw. You can attempt to fix this by first turning off the furnace then, using a screwdriver, tighten your panel. Ensure that the access panel is fully attached.

Blower wheel

If you hear a metal-against-metal sound or loud scraping, the furnace’s blower wheel could be the problem. The blower wheel is a component powered by the blower motor to move heated air.

A loose blower wheel can make a loud clanking or scraping sound as it rotates. Turn off the furnace and immediately contact a qualified HVAC technician to inspect the situation when you hear this sound.

Modern furnaces are designed to operate quietly. Unless you are dealing with an old furnace, a loud screeching, scraping, or rattling sound signifies that something’s wrong with your furnace. Contact a professional technician as soon as you notice them.

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