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Do I Really Have to Change My Air Filter Every 3 Months?

One of the most common reasons whole home air conditioners begin to operate poorly is because of a clogged, dirty air filter. One of the best ways to avoid problems that start with your dirty air filter is to change it regularly every 3 months. This may seem often to some homeowners, but staying on top of changing your air filter can help you avoid some fairly serious issues with your air conditioner. What kinds of problems are we talking about? Here are some more common ones:

  • Reduced air flow – a clogged air filter acts as a block to the air flow in your system, reducing the air flow throughout it.
  • Poor indoor air quality – whether you have an air filter designed to improve your home’s indoor air quality or simply use the standard air filter your AC or HVAC came with, you will begin to see increased amounts of dust and dirt in your home when your air filter is clogged. A clogged air filter isn’t capable of trapping contaminants, so the contaminants that enter your air will pass freely through your home and system.
  • Warm air blowing – if the air flow in your system is restricted enough, this restriction can affect the heat release/cooling process of your system so that enough heat doesn’t release, causing a reduction in cool air.
  • Malfunction and/or breakdown – your air conditioner needs a certain amount of air flow to work properly. If it runs for a period of time with less air flow, this puts tremendous strain on your system to perform, and can lead to malfunction and even breakdown.

The experts at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning can help you change your air filter every three months, or give you helpful tips to remember to do it. If you are seeing the signs that problems may have already developed, call us and schedule AC repair for your home in Celco.

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