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Don’t Do This to Your Heater

Don't Do This to Your HeaterMany homeowners believe that they control every facet of the four corners that make up their house. It’s hard not to feel completely at peace with how your home might be doing, especially if you have a direct hand managing each aspect of it and have lived there for years now.

But even the most seasoned homeowner can slip up every now and then. Sometimes it’s forgetting to clean the exhaust vent for the stove, sometimes it’s letting watermarks settle into the table, but whatever you do, don’t do the following things on this list to your heater.

Skip Regular Maintenance

Maintenance is a key thing to keep note of when owning anything mechanical at all, be it your car, your bicycle, or even your heater. You may not think about it very often, but even heaters need an inspection every now and then in order to spot anything wrong or fix something already broken.

The last thing you want is to hit the winter months with a heater that suddenly conks out on you. You’ll thank yourself in the future when you have a smooth-running machine when the cold months start to hit.

Forget to Clean Filters

While we understand that scheduling maintenance can be a time-consuming and (frankly) uninteresting errand, there are other things you can do yourself that will be key to keeping your heater up and running. A good part to not forget to do is to clean the air filters in your heating system regularly through either a replacement of a filter or a cleaning of the filter screen with mild soap.

An uncleaned filter will slowly cause your heater to overheat due to hot air being stuck in the system, which can cause damage to the internal parts without you even noticing. What’s more is that a dirty air filter will also inevitably lead some of those particles into the room you are staying in, causing a stuffy airflow and, at times, even allergies.

Consistently Use High Thermostat Settings

The idea of only using a thermostat so often seems a bit ridiculous when considering that its job is to keep your home warm during the months that you need it. But there lays a line between moderated use and overuse when it comes to a heating system, and a consistent overuse of the highest settings can cause undue stress to the system you’re using.

Let your system rest every now and then especially if you’re not at home. If the temperatures start rising, lower your thermostat as well to keep the room temperature balanced.

Final Words

While heaters might be things we take for granted these days, you must never underestimate some of the things you might be doing now that are slowly damaging the system internally.

If ever you’re in need of furnace repair in New Haven, CT, Contact Celco Heating and Air Conditioning for your home’s heating repair.

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