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Don’t Ignore These Ductless Repairs!


Ductless mini-splits allow you to enjoy a cool breeze year-round without the many potential issues caused by ductwork. 

This does not imply that ductless mini splits are completely free from problems. When you have trouble with your air conditioning in Shelton, CT, contact us as soon as you feel there’s something wrong. So, what is it that can go wrong with ductless AC? The following are the most common ductless repairs that you need to watch out for.

Water Leakage

Ductless mini splits have condensate lines, power lines, and refrigerant lines connecting their components. The condensate line is present to remove any water that gathers due to the cooling operation and prevents it from spilling into your home. However, the condensate line can leak and start to collect moisture between the rear of the air handler and the wall.

Water may start leaking, or water may accumulate and collapse from the materials within the air handler, causing significant damage to the device. This is a ductless repair that you can’t overlook.

Malfunctioning Air Handler

Even if “only” one of a few blowers is malfunctioning, you really need to take that problem seriously. The other air handlers in the system may be working, but the system as a whole will start to suffer if every component is not pulling its weight.

Sure, the problem may be specific to a single blower, and you may be able to get by without it for a while. But if you want to live comfortably and protect your system, then you need to solve these problems promptly. And that means working with skilled, trained professionals.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is used by ductless systems to heat and cool houses. Refrigerant circulates throughout the outdoor unit and all of the indoor blowers in the house. Due to refrigerant leaks, ductless systems can lose a huge amount of this heat transfer fluid very easily.

This is one of the most frequent ductless repairs that you will need to deal with. This is because leaking refrigerants can cause issues in both heating and cooling performance. If left unattended, these issues can cause the ductless system to breakdown completely.

Compressor Problems

The compressor for your ductless AC sits in the outdoor unit, just like in the case of a conventional air conditioning system. The compressor pressurizes the coolant in your air conditioning unit. As a result, you are likely to see warm air flowing from your indoor blower instead of cold air when the compressor is not functioning properly.

Since compressors are complicated and use refrigerant, all inspection and repair work needed by your AC’s compressor must be done by an individual with experience and qualifications to handle refrigerants.

While the list above is not exhaustive, it includes the most common problems that can occur with your ductless air conditioning units. Remember that most homeowners use their ductless mini splits year-round. If you fail to take care of yours, you’re putting your year-round comfort at risk!

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