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“Ductless” Air Conditioning? How Does That Work?

Not too long ago, you couldn’t have whole-home air conditioning without ductwork. These days, however, there are several different kinds of systems that allow homeowners to have whole house cooling when there’s no ductwork in the home. One type of system like this is the ductless air conditioner. Ductless ACs have been around for a while, and made a strong debut in commercial spaces like restaurants. But over the last few years they have made the migration into residential properties, and as a result, have become very popular. If you aren’t familiar with how these systems work, though, you may be hard pressed to understand how they can effectively cool your home in Westport, CT, but our Celco Heating and Air Conditioning experts are here to provide a basic explanation about how these systems work.

The Components

The main components of a ductless air conditioning system are fairly simple: there’s an outdoor unit that houses the compressor and condenser (very similar to a traditional split system), individual indoor blowers (a single outdoor unit can support up to 4), and a conduit placed in an exterior wall that connects the indoor blowers to the outdoor unit.

How It Works

The outdoor unit is installed just the same as the outdoor unit for a traditional split system AC is, and the indoor blowers are mounted flush against walls or ceiling (they can also be hung from ceilings). A small hole is drilled into an exterior wall and the conduit, which contains a condensate drain line, refrigerant line and power cord, is placed into the wall, connecting each blower to the outdoor unit. Once the system components are installed, all you have to do is turn on one of the indoor blowers and the cooling process begins.

It is no longer necessary to have ductwork in your home to stay comfortable during the hot summer months. If a ductless AC system seems like a good fit for your home, call us today and schedule an appointment.

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