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Get Those Ducts Squeaky Clean!

ductsDid you know that your air ducts can contribute to subpar indoor air quality in your home? The air is filled with small pollutants like dander, pollen, and dust inside your house. When your furnace or AC pulls air, airborne particles are also drawn in. Over time, within the ducts, these pollutants will build up, reduce airflow, and recirculate in your living space.

Like your HVAC system as a whole, the air ducts in your home need to be cleaned and maintained properly to ensure they are functioning as expected. There are several reasons to get the air ducts in your home cleaned by professionals. If you use forced air heating and air conditioning in Westport, CT, then this post is for you. The following are the main reasons why getting your air ducts squeaky clean is so vital.

Ensure Fresh and Clean Air Indoors

For your health, you must breathe fresh and clean indoor air. All of the air conditioned by your HVAC system is distributed throughout your house via your ductwork. But what if it’s filthy? The risk of aggravating allergies and different respiratory problems increases. The good news is that you can easily avoid these complications by getting the air ducts in your home cleaned by professionals. And trust us when we say that duct cleaning is definitely a job for trained professionals. We do it right!

Boost Energy Efficiency

Dust and debris block the air circulation to and from your HVAC system’s parts. Your heater or AC needs to use more energy to perform its job when the ducts are obstructed. Maintaining clear ducts will ensure that your units can work at optimal levels.

Eliminate Bad Odors or Smells

To clean the air ducts, professionals utilize industry-leading cleaning instruments and natural remedies.  This helps to eliminate bad odors or smells from tobacco, pets, food, cleaning agents, mildew, paint fumes, etc. Therefore, cleaning dirty air ducts will provide both your family and pets with a comfortable, relaxing home space.

Safeguard Cooling and Heating Systems

Blocked AC, heat pump, or furnace filters, and other problems that result in expensive repairs may be caused by a dirty ductwork system. The life of your HVAC system can be extended by making duct cleaning part of your maintenance activities.

Ensure Your Comfort

Our HVAC professionals will inspect the ductwork for leakage, cracks, corrosion, and other issues when you call them in to get your ducts serviced. Sometimes, cleaning air ducts isn’t enough. Your ducts may need to be sealed and repaired to prevent pollutants from building up in them again.

With our help, the people inside your home don’t have to worry about debris, weird noises coming from the loose ducts, or uneven temperatures, ensuring comfort inside your home.

These are some of the main reasons getting the air ducts in your home squeaky clean is important. Let us know if you’re concerned about your ducts.

Schedule service with Celco Heating and Air Conditioning today for air ducts inspection and cleaning in Westport, CT.

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