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Help! My AC Sounds Funny!

AC-UnitsDuring sweltering summers, the quiet hum of a perfectly working air conditioner feels like music to ears. However, if your air conditioning is making any other sound, it might be a sign of trouble brewing.

If you realize that your AC is making funny, odd sounds and you want to know what it means before calling reliable technicians for air conditioning in Greenwich, CT, continue reading this post. 

Here, we will some plausible reasons why an air conditioner starts making those funny sounds.


When your air conditioner starts or shuts down, you may hear clicking sounds that don’t point towards anything serious. However, if that clicking becomes constant, then you need to worry. The clicking sound coming out of an AC unit usually indicates a failing electrical component or control board. Therefore, try to adjust those components. If you still hear the constant clicking, call professional HVAC experts.


Squealing and squeaking coming out of the air conditioner usually points towards issues with the blower motor or outdoor fan motor. If those squealing sounds have already become too loud, you should immediately get your HVAC system checked by professionals.


A loud buzzing sound also indicates trouble with HVAC systems. Property owners should not ignore these, as they may indicate a host of problems with your AC setup. For instance, this buzzing sound may come from out-of-balance fan blades. The buzzing might also be a sign of loose components vibrating somewhere across the system.

Dirty air filters and condenser coils can also result in that strong buzzing sound. Instead of banking on your guesswork, call professionals who can pin down the reason behind that buzzing and promptly fix it.


Clanking sounds from the air conditioning unit show that some parts and components in its sealed frame have loosened. Loose and out-of-balance blower and outer unit fans hitting other metallic parts can also produce that clanking sound.


Banging sounds are rare. However, they indicate a more serious issue with the AC. For instance, the banging sounds might be produced by the broken and loosened piston pin, connecting rod, or crankshaft inside the compressor. An unbalanced blower unit can also cause those banging sounds. Schedule a professional HVAC expert visit as soon as possible because you may have to completely replace the AC compressor.


If your air conditioner has started whistling, it is a sign of low airflow. An AC unit can produce whistling noise for many different reasons, from dirty air filters to leaky ducts and blocked return vents to a faulty blower. Call professionals to determine why and from where the whistles are coming from.

Whatever strange sounds you might hear from your AC, count on us to figure out what is going on. Celco Heating and Air Conditioning is a trustworthy contractor for all HVAC services and repairs in Greenwich, CT. Our experts can identify why your AC is making funny sounds and fix the underlying issue right away.

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