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High AC Bills? Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong

AC-UnitsEvery summer, air conditioner usage gets higher due to a rise in temperature. Life can be difficult without the comfort and cooling effects of an AC.

However, summers also witness a rise in electricity bills, and AC breakdowns become a frequent occurrence. Most homeowners are left scratching their heads with high utility bills or AC problems. 

In this blog, we look at several things you could be doing wrong that are increasing your AC running and maintenance costs. We also share some tips on getting reliable air conditioning repair in Milford, CT

Ignoring Air Filter Problems

Dirty and damaged air filters are the most common cause of inefficient AC output. Many AC owners forget to get their filters replaced in time.

As dust and debris accumulate in the filter, the flow of air throughout the ductwork is affected. The air takes longer to cool each room and the AC must work harder to make up for the difference. 

This causes the AC to consume more power which can increase your bills substantially.

Not Checking for Leakage in Ductwork

The air ducts distribute cool air throughout your home. It is a critical part of the system. In order to work effectively, the ducts must be properly sealed and insulated.

If there is a leakage in the ducts, the air will keep flowing out from the pipes. This prevents the thermostat from achieving the desired temperature and causes the HVAC unit to stay on longer. When the unit runs longer, the result is a higher electricity bill.

Poor Maintenance of AC

Lack of regular maintenance is another major culprit for high electricity bills. If you are planning to use your air conditioning unit, you should make sure it undergoes maintenance by a professional. 

AC maintenance experts will do a thorough check on the AC unit and inform you about any potential problems that could be building up. They will also replace faulty parts and repair any components that could damage the AC. They can also check the ductwork for leakages or blockages that are keeping the AC from working at its optimum level.

Not Getting Repairs On Time

If your HVAC system is making weird sounds or takes longer to cool your home, that can be a sign of malfunctioning components. If you notice such problems, you should immediately call for professional air conditioning repair in Milford, CT.

Delaying repairs on the AC can be the worst thing you can do. The system may shut down on you on a hot summer day when you need it the most. It is also likely that one faulty component will damage several other connected parts and cost you more to get it fully repaired.

The Takeaway

We have listed some of the most common culprits that cause electricity bills to go up. If you suspect that your AC isn’t working efficiently then it is best to call a professional service to get it fixed as soon as possible. Trust us, it will save you money by lowering your electricity bills.

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