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How Does Hybrid Heating Work?

house-in-snowAnswering the question posed in the title of this blog with a simple “very well” obviously would not make for much of a post, would it? While that would be a true answer, we would like to take this chance to talk a bit more in-depth about hybrid heating systems, how they work, and the benefits that they have to offer. Something tells us that many homeowners in our service areas will like what we have to say.

That being said, of course, we also want to remind you that no heating system is going to function as effectively and reliably as possible — or even safely — if it not expertly designed and installed in your home. That is another reason why you want to work with the pros on our staff. We possess the skill and expertise necessary for ensuring that you get the most from your hybrid heating system. Our Milford, CT HVAC technicians are some of the finest in the industry.

The Best of Both Worlds

Some homeowners might balk at the idea of using 2 heating systems in order to guarantee that their homes are heated both effectively and efficiently throughout the winter. However, you should remember that you do use 2 different HVAC systems throughout the year — your heater and your AC. Now, what if the AC could double as a heater, but you still had a designated heater in place as a backup. That is a lot more palatable to many homeowners, and it is the exact definition of a hybrid heating system!

A hybrid heating system consists of an air-source heat pump and another heater, typically a furnace. The heat pump can act as an air conditioner throughout the summer season, but also doubles as an extremely efficient heater in the winter. Because a heat pump uses existing heat in the air outside in order to facilitate the heating of one’s home, though, it may struggle in periods of extended, extreme cold. That is where the furnace comes in. The system will automatically switch over to the furnace when the heat pump is struggling to heat the house effectively, or in those instances when using the furnace is actually the more efficient option between the two.

Benefits of Hybrid Heating Systems

The concern about heat pumps struggling in extremely cold temperatures is definitely a valid one in this part of the country, but it is not one that should dissuade you from using the system entirely. Backing it up with a heater allows you the peace of mind that comes with a traditional heater, without forcing you to sacrifice your budget.

Heat pumps basically just act like air conditioners in reverse when it’s cold out. They remove heat from the air outside, compress the warmed refrigerant to further boost its thermal energy, and use the resulting heat to heat air for distribution throughout the house. Much of the winter will allow for this operation to be successful, so even if you do want a furnace just in case, a heat pump is well worth the investment in long-term savings!

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