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How to Maintain Your Generator

Homeowners today are more aware than ever of the dangers of extended power outages due to storms, extreme cold weather, and other disasters. A whole-house generator is an important appliance to have connected to your home so that you and your family can remain safe and comfortable during a lengthy blackout. Especially with an automated generator, which turns on the moment that it detects a power outage, you’ll have your worries about power loss lessened.

Generators need regular maintenance to make sure they are ready to go when you need them. You don’t want to find out about a generator failure in the middle of a power outage! It’s easy to take the generator for granted because you only need it occasionally, so make an effort to routinely check on it—especially after it has had to run for any period of time.

Celco Heating and Air Conditioning can help you: we specialize in New Haven, CT generator installation, repair, and maintenance. Call us to sign up for regular maintenance on your generator.

Here Are Some Maintenance Tips

  • Check on the oil: No matter the power source, oil is a crucial element to keep the generator running without too much stress. Make a routine check on the oil level, just as you would with a car. The oil and the oil filter should be changed after 200 hours of operation.
  • Inspect the air cleaner and spark plugs: Have a professional change them if anything looks wrong. Also, you should have both changed every two years.
  • Inspect the battery: Look for similar problems as you would with a car battery: loose cables and corrosion along the connections.
  • Schedule professional maintenance: Although the above checks are all ones you can do yourself, it takes a professional to give your generator a thorough inspection and tune-up to make sure it is working its best and has no impending repair needs. Regular maintenance will include changing the oil and the oil filter, as well as the spark plug and air cleaner replacements as needed.

Look to Celco Heating and Air Conditioning to Take Care of Your Generator

Our staff at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning takes seriously our commitment to protecting you and your family with the installation, repair, and maintenance of your generator in New Haven, CT. If you want to make certain your generator is ready to handle the next major power outage, give us a call today and sign up for regular maintenance visits. Trust us with all of your HVAC service needs in New Haven, CT, and we’ll make sure you are satisfied with our work!

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