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HVAC Tips: When to Replace Your Heater


Considering the cold temperatures that we are already dealing with at this point, we sincerely hope that your heater is firing on all cylinders. If you do encounter any problems with your home heating system this winter, remember that the technicians on our team are here to help with our outstanding heating repair services. In some cases, though, heating repairs are really not going to be the best option. Sometimes, a complete heating replacement is really the way to go.

It may be tempting at this time of the year to just force your heater through another heating season, but this is definitely not advice that we’d give to any of our clients. Sure, December may not be the ideal time to replace a heater, but it does beat gambling on an ailing system and then winding up with a complete breakdown on one’s hands.

How Old Is Your Heating System?

While replacing an older heating system just because it’s getting on in years but otherwise works fine may not be advisable, age is certainly a factor that you should consider when it comes to replacing your heater. You don’t want waste money repairing a heating system that has already gone well beyond its expected lifespan, after all. If you are looking at costly repairs, and your heater is quite old, then replacing it with a newer model may be your best course of action.

How Efficient Is Your Heater?

Another reason why you may want to replace your heater, rather than continuing to repair it,  is overall efficiency—or, rather, the lack of it! If your heater needs to be repaired at all frequently, and it is also rather inefficient, paying for a replacement can help you to save money in the long run. Again, the age of the system should also come into play, and the fact that a system is quite old may also mean that it is not able to function as efficiently as it once did.

How Happy Are You with Your Heater?

Have you been running your heater so far this year, only to realize that you just are not growing any fonder of it or its means of operation? That is unlikely to change, so replacing your system with one that better suits your user preferences may be in order. We live in an area where we rely on our heating systems a lot. If you are not happy with yours in any way, or if you’re just ready to switch over to a different type of heater entirely, then that is reason enough for replacing it.

We Excel in the Replacement of Heaters!

The Stamford, CT HVAC professionals on our staff are some of the finest and most knowledgeable in the industry. Let us help you to find the right replacement heater for your needs, and the leave the installation of that system to our team. Remember,  even the best heaters on the market will fail to impress—or even work safely—if not professionally installed from beginning to end. You won’t’ have to worry about that with our team on the job, though.

Celco Heating and Air Conditioning is here for all of your heating service needs.

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