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When Is a UV Air Purifier Necessary?


Every home needs an air conditioner to keep it cool and comfortable in the summer, and a dependable heater to get the homeowners through the long, cold winter season. There are other considerations to be made, though, such as those surrounding your overall indoor air quality. While not every home will use indoor air quality systems the way that they do their HVAC systems, it is definitely worth exploring your options if you’ve encounter problems with aggravated allergy symptoms or certain other issues in your home.

In many residences, airborne pollutants like dust and dirt are going to be the primary allergens of concern. Sometimes, though, biological pollutants are at the root of one’s IAQ problems. If this is the case, you cannot really hope to effectively resolve the problem by simply filtering the pollutants out of the air. They need to be destroyed, and a UV air purifier in Celco is the perfect weapon for the job.

When Is Filtration Not Enough?

A dedicated air filtration system is a great way in which to remove certain pollutants from the air in one’s home. The fact of the matter, though, is that simply removing some pollutants via filtration or even electronic air cleaners is not an effective means by which to improve indoor air quality. This s the case with biological pollutants.

Biological pollutants may include viruses, mold, and bacteria. These are living microorganisms, and as living microorganisms, these pollutants are capable of reproduction. That means that, even if you were able to remove them from the air in your home by trapping them on an air filter, they could continue to grow their numbers. Rendering these pollutants incapable of reproduction is really the only way in which to deal with them successfully.

How Does UV Air Purification Work?

UV germicidal lights are actually extremely simple in their design and operation. The lamps are installed in the ductwork of an HVAC system, typically right by the air handler to ensure that all of the air passing through the system is treated. The lamps emit light rays on the ultraviolet spectrum. The UV radiation, which is completely safe for everyone in the house, including pets, and is completely confined to the ducts, proves devastating for biological pollutants.

The pollutants have their biological processes disrupted, resulting in their death or simply in the inability to further reproduce. This prevents the risk of such pollutants being removed from the air but still multiplying and introducing new threats into the household. These devices are very dependable, and require little other than occasional bulb changes in terms of maintenance.

Just remember that you cannot use UV air purifiers in order to deal with pollutants like dust and dirt. They are a great supplement to air filters, but they are not a replacement for more traditional air quality systems. If you are having trouble with biological pollutants in your home, give us a call to discuss your options.

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