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Is it Necessary to Switch from Oil to Gas Heating in Stamford?

Homeowners have many options when it comes to home heating, including a choice of fuel types. The most commonly used fuel types are oil and gas, but there is a significant price difference between them, with gas usually being the less expensive option. This difference in price can cause some homeowners to consider switching from oil to gas. Oil to gas conversion in Stamford can be a good choice for many homes, but there are multiple steps involved in the process. This is why it’s important to work with a company familiar with the process and has the trained technicians who can complete the conversion and installation of your new system. Since 1976, Celco Heating and Air Conditioning has helped customers with all of their heating needs, so if you are considering an oil to gas conversion, call us today.

Steps Involved with Conversion

Here are some of the steps involved with an oil to gas conversion:

  • Site Survey – the heating load for your home is calculated, your current heating system is evaluated and the amount of gas piping needed for your home is determined.
  • Coordinate with the gas company – a gas load data sheet is created and has the following information for the gas company: who owns the property, location of the home, what the gas loads are for any current gas appliances and what the gas load(s) will be for new gas appliances, and the make, model and gas requirements of the new heater.
  • Installation of gas piping – once permits are obtained and approved, the gas piping installation can begin.
  • Inspection of gas piping – your local building department and the gas company will inspect the piping to ensure it is properly installed.
  • Installation of new heater – once the gas piping is determined to be sound, your new gas heater can be installed.

Benefits of Converting to Gas

  • Cleaner burn – natural gas is the cleanest of the fossil fuels, which also makes it more environmentally friendly.
  • Effective heating – gas heats up quickly to an average temperature of 130 degrees.
  • Convenience – having gas piped directly into your home is more convenient than managing fuel deliveries.

When it comes to oil to gas conversion, our trained technicians are here to help with the process from beginning to end.

 If you decide that an oil to gas conversion in Stamford is right for you and your home, call Celco Heating and Air Conditioning today.

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