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Is My Furnace in Trouble?



Do you know what’s just as bad as waking up sweating with the AC not working?

It’s waking up trembling from the cold due to a dead furnace.

Winters can get quite unforgiving in Connecticut. During peak winter season, it is impossible to stay cozy inside the house without a fully working heater. If you don’t want to face the chilling inconvenience in the upcoming months, inspect your furnace and watch out for these signs to know if it is in trouble.

This pre-emptive inspection, identifying any issue and fixing it promptly with the help of expert furnace repair in Stamford, CT, will make the entire winter a convenient and hassle-free season.

Dusty Air

The warm air coming out of furnace vents is filtered and cleaned. You can easily tell the difference between the air coming from a perfectly working furnace and outside air. However, if you sense that you can’t tell apart the difference between air quality inside and outside of the house, you should closely look into the air being blown from the furnace vents.

Check the air filter. If the filter is dirty, replace it. Operating a furnace with dirty air filters puts stress on its limit switch. This compromised working condition of the furnace also increases your energy bill.

Yellow Pilot Light

If the blue pilot flame has turned yellow, it is a telltale sign of carbon monoxide leakage that usually happens due to a cracked and broken heat exchanger. Running a furnace in this state is not just bad for its efficiency. A furnace with a heat cracked exchanger is also a recipe for more consequential repairs and gas leakage hazards.

Strange Sounds

If you start hearing scratching and squealing sounds coming from your furnace, then something is wrong. You may continue to get warm air. However, those strange noises strongly imply that your furnace is on the verge of going kaput. From worn-out ball bearings to loose fittings, there are many reasons a furnace starts making strange sounds. Call professionals and get those noises fixed before they devlove into more detailed and expensive fixes.

Cold Air

If the furnace is working, but cold or lukewarm air is coming out of vents, it is a sign that its blower fan is not working properly. You may not mind that partially working furnace during normal winter temperatures. However, the spells with chilly winds and snowfall will make you regret overlooking this problem. If the furnace is not blowing out the intended hot air, get it inspected and fixed ASAP.

Faulty Thermostat

Your furnace may start acting strangely due to the failing, faulty thermostat. For instance, frequent cycling mostly happens due to a faulty thermostat. Moreover, if you struggle to maintain a certain warmness level indoors, it might be due to a faulty thermostat.

Celco Heating and Air Conditioning is a trustworthy contractor for all HVAC services and repairs in Stamford, CT. Our experts can identify if your furnace is in trouble and fix the underlying issue right away.

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