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Is the Air in Your Home too Dry?


Hopefully not, because it is much more than a “minor” issue, despite what some homeowners may seem to think. What many homeowners don’t seem to realize is the fact that very dry air can strike your home at any time of the year—even when the weather is hot and muggy outdoors! Today, we’re going to discuss the effects that dry air can have on your property, as well as the greatest solution to the problem that is currently available to homeowners.

That is the whole-house humidifier. It is true that there are portable, standalone humidifiers that you may place throughout your home. That is fine if you’re just trying to humidify, say, a child’s nursery. However, for a whole-house solution, a whole-house system is without a doubt the best way to go. Give us a call if you are ready to start using a whole-house humidifier in Westport, CT.

How Is Your Health Holding Up?

Despite what some people maintain to be the truth, the fact is that the cold is not really what causes, well, the cold. It is germs that make you sick, not the weather directly. That does not mean, however, that the weather, or dry air in general, does not play a factor in your overall health.

When the air is very dry, due either to dry winter weather or even the dryness that occurs when the AC is running around the clock, your mucous membranes can dry out. These membranes provide your body with a certain amount of protection against germs and other contaminants that we breathe in each and every day. If these membranes dry out and crack, then such germs have a direct line into your bloodstream.

Is Your Comfort Where It Should Be?

If not, it could again be low humidity to blame. When the air in your home is very dry, the air may leech moisture right out of your skin. When that happens, your skin can dry out, growing very itchy and even cracking. That can lead to uncomfortable and painful splits in your skin.

Because sweat evaporating off of your skin is your body’s natural way of cooling down—which is actually what makes muggy air feel so oppressive on a hot day—it can be very problematic for moisture to be evaporating off of your skin in cold conditions. You’re going to wind up feeling chillier, even as you turn the heat up!

Noticing Issues in Your Home?

What kind of issues, you wonder? How about cracking wallpaper, chipping paint, and even splitting floorboards/wooden furniture that is loosening up and falling apart? That’s what happens when the air in your home is too dry.

With a whole-house humidifier, you’ll never have to move the system around. You’ll never have to refill a water reservoir. You’ll have convenient and efficient access to proper humidification throughout your home, and you’ll be able to regulate the operation of the system with accurate results.

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