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Why Schedule Late Season Heating Repairs?

dog-under-blanketThis winter really didn’t want to leave, but it is finally looking like it has taken the hint and is beginning its retreat. That doesn’t mean that your heater is necessarily done with its work for the season, of course. The nighttime temperatures are still pretty chilly, and you may need your heater to take the edge off just a bit for a while longer. Even if you are pretty much done with the system for the season, we suggest that you schedule repairs now rather than wait for the start of next winter.

We obviously deal with a lot of different calls pertaining to HVAC in Stamford, CT, but heating repairs are among the most common. Oftentimes, we wind up making fairly extensive repairs for systems that could have been largely avoided had the budding issues been dealt with in a more timely fashion. It may be late in the season to be thinking about heater repairs, but it really is in your best interest to deal with them right away.

Are You Sure You’ll Keep Them in Mind?

A lot can happen between today and the next time you are really going to have to put your heater back into regular rotation. You may be confident in the fact that you’ll remember to reach out early and have your system assessed and repaired before you really need it again, but we have seen this go wrong before. Even if you have maintenance/tune-ups already lined up, the repairs may require separate scheduling. You cannot count on them being resolved when they turn up during maintenance.

Plus, that time of the year is really the busiest time for heating technicians. While we’re getting new installations in place and tuning up existing systems, you may not get the immediate response that you need when temperatures suddenly drop a bit earlier than expected. If for no other reason, you should take swift action just for the peace of mind that comes with knowing the system is in good shape at the start of the offseason.

Prevent Further Damages and Save Money

Okay, so even if you do remember that you need heating repairs, the fact is that every single minute you continue running a damaged heater is a minute that you are creating unnecessary expense for yourself. No matter what the problem with your heater may be, it is going to result in reduced energy efficiency. It may not be a dramatic drop, but only a heater in peak working condition can operate at peak efficiency levels.

That’s not the only way that you risk undue expense by continuing to run a compromised heater, though. If your system is in poor condition, you greatly increase the risk of further damages by continuing to run it. Your heater does not have to break down entirely to justify repairs. In fact, you should never let things devolve to that point. Take swift action, avoid more serious problems, and enjoy the efficiency that you deserve when you heat your home.

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