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Are You Looking to Repair Your Home’s AC?

Are You Looking to Repair Your Home’s AC?

It’s been a pretty hot summer here in New Haven, right? Normally a hot summer is notable, but it comes and goes without much upset… maybe this summer has been a little different. If you’ve noticed that your air conditioner has been limping along for quite a while now, then it’s time for you to schedule an appointment with us.

We specialize in air conditioning repair in New Haven, CT. We can make sure that you have the best work available in our area. We know that summer is ending, but it isn’t over yet. Make sure that you spend the rest of the summer cool and comfortable with the help of our air conditioning work.

What’s Wrong With Your AC?

First, let’s find the underlying cause of the air conditioning problem that you’re having. Sometimes it helps to have a specific name for the problem that you’re dealing with.

Short Cycling

Your air conditioner turns on and runs for a little while—nothing out of the ordinary here. All of a sudden, you notice that your air conditioner has switched off much sooner than you’d like it to and it’s not kicking right back on. You’re unsure what’s going on, but you know that something is off because this is happening pretty often. This is when you need to contact one of our professionals.

Loud Noises

Have you noticed loud noises like banging, rattling, squeaking, grating, and scraping? These aren’t noises that you ever want to hear coming from your air conditioner. All you should ever hear from your air conditioner is the soft, inconspicuous sound of air moving through your venting system. Anything more (even if it’s not a sound listed above) is a problem. You need a professional to decode the issue and then address it ASAP.

Inefficient Operation

Have you noticed that your air conditioner isn’t operating the way that it should be? If you’ve noticed that you’re paying more for your air conditioning although your air conditioning service is the same, it’s time for you to repair your home’s air conditioner. This isn’t something you want to put off until next summer, it’s something that you want to address now.

Low Airflow

Have you noticed that you’re running your air conditioner for longer amounts of time? Maybe you’re running your thermostat at lower temperatures. No matter what the problem is here, the likely source of the problem is actually low airflow. This isn’t an irremediable flaw. It’s something that you need to call a professional to fix.

Thermostat Troubles

Have you noticed that your home’s thermostat is glaringly inaccurate? Do you ever walk past your thermostat, read the temperature, and make a stunned face because the reading is so absurd? We’ve been there. We want you to know that this shouldn’t be a reality in your home though. If this is something that you’re facing, then it’s time to get in touch with our AC technicians.

Contact the professionals at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning for your air conditioning needs.

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