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Oil vs. Gas: Which One is Better?

In Northeastern towns like Norwalk, CT, oil to gas conversion operations are becoming increasingly popular. New England residents traditionally relied upon oil furnaces to heat their homes during our chilly winters. Gas furnaces offer a more modern alternative, prompting a rise in oil to gas conversion calls. That makes it appear like gas furnaces are superior to oil furnaces, though the question is a bit more subtle than that.

Oil vs. gas: which one is better? Read on to discover the answers.

The biggest advantage gas has over oil furnaces is that gas is cheaper than oil. Natural gas prices are comparatively low, and fairly stable. Oil prices, on the other hand, are at the mercy of a volatile and fluctuating market, which can play havoc with your household budget while attempting to obtain adequate heat in the winter. Oil also tends to be much less “clean” than gas, releasing more pollutants into the air and generally harming the environment. Couple that with older, more inefficient oil heaters and the appeal of a gas conversion becomes self-evident.

The biggest advantage oil furnaces have over gas furnaces is that they’re not connected to a centralized system. Installed gas service lines link gas heaters in a neighborhood together. If something goes wrong with the line, then multiple homes will be affected. Oil heaters, on the other hand, are more self-sufficient, and can act independently of outside factors. Add to that the cost of oil-to-gas conversion, and it leads some oil furnace owners to stay right where they are.

Despite that, the benefits of gas furnaces are self-evident, especially considering the money that consumers can save in monthly costs. The question of “oil vs. gas: which one is better?” remains in the hands of consumers. If you live in towns like Norwalk, CT, however, oil-to-gas conversion may look quite appealing, and the experts at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning are standing by to help. We can provide you with detailed options for such an operation, then convert your furnace with professionalism and care. If you’ve decided to “go gas,” then give us a call today for your Norwalk heating service needs. We’ll make you happy that you did.

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