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Reasons to Have a Whole-House Backup Generator Installed

If you have been watching or listening to the news over the last few weeks, you may have heard about the tremendous cold weather and ice storms that hit Michigan and Maine. In both places, hundreds of homes and families lost power for as much as five days—and right during the holidays. Crews worked feverishly to restore the power, but many people found themselves spending the most joyous part of the year huddled in blankets around fireplaces or needing to temporarily relocate. Some homeowners made use of portable generators, but found them insufficient for the needs of their home and only able to work for a limited time.

This is why a whole-house backup generator is something we advise our customers to consider. Celco Heating and Air Conditioning can supply you with installation and repairs for a backup generator in Westport, CT that will protect you and your family from the kind of emergencies that recently struck Michigan and Maine.

Why you should have a whole-house backup generator installed

  • Comfort: Most heating systems will not work with a loss of power; even most natural gas heaters today require an electric ignition. Since huge power outages most often occur during extremely cold weather, a generator will keep you warm when you most need it.
  • Safety of people with medical needs: If you have someone in your home who depends on an electrically-powered device for a medical condition, such as an oxygen breather, than a back-up generator is an absolute life-saver. You should call about having a generator installed immediately if you need electricity for medical reasons.
  • Portable generators will not do the job: A portable generator that runs on gasoline is fine for camping or to keep in the car or truck in case of an emergency. However, they are not designed to power a home and will not last long. Any power outage that lasts more than a few hours is beyond the capacity of a portable unit.
  • Peace of mind: This is an intangible benefit, but an important one. Even if you don’t have to face a significant power outage, you’ll have the relief of knowing that you are prepared for one.

Schedule whole-house generator installation today

The winter is still here, and will hang around for at least two more months. The seasons may still have a few nasty surprises left for us, so now is the time to have installation of a backup generator in Westport,  CT. Celco Heating and Air Conditioning has over 35 years of experience providing satisfaction to our customers, so make us your choice for generator installation.

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