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Signs of Trouble with Your Hot Water Heater

Among the small daily tragedies that can happen without much warning is when you turn on the faucets for your morning shower—and no hot water comes out. You wait, and wait, and wait, but the water stubbornly refuses to turn even slightly warm.

You water heater has died.

But wait, back up. “…without much warning.” Actually, that’s rarely the case with water heaters. If your home water heater is headed for trouble, there are warning signs you can spot early enough to call for repairs and prevent that cold shower surprise. We’ve put together a few of the omens of trouble in your hot water heater in Hamden, CT to watch for. When you need those repairs fast, call on Celco Heating and Air Conditioning and our 24-hour emergency service team.

Your Heater is Warning You If…

  • You find rusty or discolored water coming from the taps: If you turn a hot water handle, and the water that comes out is a rusty or brown color, then you probably have corrosion in the tank of the water heater. This can come from excessive age (in which case the water heater will probably need to be replaced) or a rusted anode rod.
  • The water won’t get hot enough: When the temperature of your hot water start to lower, don’t ignore it. A drop in heating power often means problems with the burner (in a gas-powered water heater) or broken heating elements (in an electric-powered water heater). These both need attention before you lose heating entirely.
  • The tank of the heater starts rumbling: There are a number of reasons that the water tank will start making an odd rumbling noise, none of them positive. It could be a faulty mixing valve causing hot and cold water to mix together. It might also be excess sediment in the bottom of the tank, reducing the volume in the tank and causing the pressure to spike. Call for repairs before the heater becomes too damaged to work.

Remember to Schedule Maintenance As Well

Heating repairs will help prevent a water heater shutdown, but you also have a path for prevention as well: regular maintenance. When you enroll in a regular maintenance program, you’ll receive an annual visit from a technician who will flush out the water heater and clean and adjust the components so it works its best and without impending repair needs.

At Celco Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer a comprehensive maintenance program for your hot water heater and other HVAC system services in Hamden, CT. When you’re in need of  Call us today to make sure you have your hot water heater covered.

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