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Stay Efficient and Comfy by Switching to Gas


If you have an oil-burning heating system, you may be comfortable with it simply because it is familiar. Trying something new, like a heating system that uses natural gas, always takes a little more courage than sticking with what you know. But if you arm yourself with some knowledge, you can make a decision based on facts rather than having to take a leap of faith.

Making the switch from heating oil to natural gas has a host of benefits, and it may be simpler than you think. Let’s dig into some information.


Natural gas easily beats out heating oil in terms of efficiency. This type of fuel burns more completely, providing more heat per gallon than oil. This is better for the environment, and significantly better for your budget. 

According to the US Energy Information Administration, last winter, the average homeowner could expect to spend $931 to heat their home with natural gas for the winter, compared to $2,354 for those who heated with oil.

A Domestic Product

Part of the reason for the drastic difference in price is not simply how efficient natural gas is. It’s that natural gas is a domestic product. Oil is imported, often from places where the political situation can suddenly and significantly drive oil prices up. And you might simply like the idea of buying American rather than relying on foreign oil.


Heating oil has to be delivered by truck and stored in a tank at your home. Delivery is factored into the cost of your oil, or there are delivery charges on top of the cost of the oil. If you don’t realize you’re running out, or forget to schedule a delivery, you can end up very cold.

Natural gas lines connect throughout most towns in America. When you’re connected to a natural gas provider, you never have to worry about scheduling or paying extra for a delivery.


Purchasing a new, highly efficient gas furnace will likely qualify you for some major rebates. In addition to that, many utility companies also offer rebates to customers who are switching from heating oil to natural gas. When you add that to the reduced cost of heating with gas, the financial benefits are huge. 

Serious Considerations

You should always have a conversation with someone qualified and experienced with oil to gas conversion in New Haven, CT in order to assess your home and your needs. It’s important to get your new furnace sized properly so you don’t lose out on any of that efficiency. They can also advise you on any modifications that are necessary to accommodate your natural gas system.

Many homes are connected to natural gas lines even if they are heated with oil. Natural gas is often piped into houses for things like stoves and clothes dryers. If your home is not connected, that will have to be done by the utility company. Another modification that is sometimes required is an adjustment to the flue, which would be done by your heating technician.

We would love to provide more information, or to evaluate your home to give you a clear idea of what the process of oil to gas conversion would look like for you.

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