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Is a Tankless Water Heater Worth the Money?

hands-under-faucetGenerally speaking, yes. Tankless water heaters are worth the upfront cost of investing in this type of system. This does not mean, however, that a tankless water heater is right for everyone. Many homeowners,  including those just looking for a smaller investment at the time of purchase, rightly choose to stick with a tank water heater. We do want to recommend that you not let the cost of a tankless water heater alone turn you off of these systems, though.

Yes, tankless water heaters do cost more than tank models. They are also able to provide some unique benefits that tank water heaters really cannot contend with, though. We’ve put together some information to help you to decide if a tankless water heater in Westport, CT is the right investment opportunity for you. Read on to learn more. You just may find that a tankless water heater is just what you’ve been looking for.

They Last a Long Time!

When you buy a tank water heater, you are looking at about 10-12 years of dependable service from that system. Now, that’s not too bad. After all, we’re talking about an appliance that is literally working throughout the day, every day, without any off season to speak of. However, a tankless water heater is going to last much,  much longer.

Typically, a tankless water heater can be expected to last between 2o and 25 years. Because the initial cost of the system can be fairly high, this is important to keep in mind. Yes, you are paying more to purchase the system. However, you are also going to get a longer service life from that system. If you’re looking for a long term investment, going tankless may be the way to go.

They’re Also Very Efficient

A longer lifespan alone may not be enough to convince you that a tankless water heater is worth the higher initial expense. However, what if we told you that these systems are also very, very efficient and that you can save money all those years with reduced water heating costs. That may sweeten the deal a little, we’re sure.

You see, tank water heaters are subject to standby energy loss, which occurs as heat in the hot water tank transfers out through that tank and into the air surrounding it. Even the most efficient tanks are subject to some level of standby energy loss. Not tankless water heaters,  though.

These systems are also referred to as “on-demand” water heaters, meaning that they heat only the water that is needed, when it is needed. The major benefit of this type of operation is the fact that tankless water heaters do not have to store hot water at all. Not only does this mean that they are smaller and more convenient as a result, but also that they do not have to continually reheat water throughout the day due to standby energy loss.

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