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The Importance of Scheduling Fireplace Maintenance in New Haven

You may think that a fireplace doesn’t really need regular maintenance. After all, there are many fireplaces across the world that are over a century old and still work fine. Unfortunately, even the sturdiest fireplace can still develop issues that can shorten its life and efficiency. If you use your fireplace often, you should keep an eye out for these maintenance issues.


There are more byproducts created by burning wood than simple wood smoke. Creosote is a tarry substance that can accumulate in flues and chimneys over time. It is produced by burning wood incompletely. If enough creosote builds up in the chimney, it can actually start a fire. Large amounts of creosote can also prevent the chimney from venting properly, causing smoke and other dangerous fumes to be forced back down into your home.


This is more common in older chimneys or ones that have been out of use for a while. Twigs and leaves can fall into the chimney. Broken bricks from the chimney itself can fall and build up a blockage. Even bird nests can be built inside it. All sorts of things can potentially prevent your chimney from venting, so it is important to have a professional inspect it once a year to identify and clear any problems.

Leaks and Cracks

Chimney mortar is pretty strong, lasting about a century with proper maintenance. Even so, extreme stress or incorrectly installed mortar can cause cracks in the chimney. This can cause all sorts of problems, from improper venting to water leaking into the fireplace. If the mortar is damaged badly enough, part of the chimney may even collapse. This will obviously cost a lot to repair, so make sure that you are having your fireplace and chimney regularly inspected for warning signs.

If you haven’t scheduled your annual fireplace maintenance yet, call Celco Heating and Air Conditioning.

Our technicians are experts in New Haven fireplace maintenance. We’ll check all potential problem areas, and make sure that your fireplace is set to last another hundred years.

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