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What Are Some of the Benefits of Heat Pumps?

You may have heard of a comfort system called a heat pump, but don’t know exactly what it does or what makes it different from the many other HVAC systems available. That’s understandable. The name “heat pump” can be a bit misleading: although it can provide you with effective heating in your home, it can also function as an air conditioner! Although there are some drawbacks to heat pumps, and not every Colorado home will benefit from getting one installed, they offer a number of tremendous advantages that should put them high on your list of heating systems to consider.

For answers to more questions about heater models and installation, contact Celco Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ve been offering heating services to Celco for over 35 years.

We’ll describe a few of the benefits a heat pump can offer you.

The biggest appeal of a heat pump is that it offers a two-in-one solution for comfort: warmth in winter, cooling in summer. A heat pump operates similar to a standard air conditioner. It uses refrigerant cycling through a closed loop to remove heat from one location and release it in another. But where a regular AC can only run the process one direction—absorbing indoor heat on the evaporator coil and then releasing it outdoors from the condensing coil—a heat pump can switch the direction of the refrigerant and make the evaporator coil act as a condensing coil, and vice versa. Now heat comes into your home. With a heat pump, you’ve got Colorado’s warm and cold weather covered in one installation.

Because a heat pump uses forced air to distribute heating or cooling through your home, it can hook up to existing ductwork with few issues. If you already have a central air conditioner or furnace in your home, getting a heat pump installed will present little trouble for trained technicians.

But before you leap at getting a heat pump, remember that each home has specific needs. A heat pump may not fit the needs of your home. Contact a professional HVAC company to help you make the choice. Experts can perform a heat load calculation to determine what system will work best for your house. No matter what system you end up getting installed, Celco Heating and Air Conditioning has the experience with heating Celco homes to get the installation done right.

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