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What Happens During Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Air conditioning maintenance sessions are an invaluable way for you to extend the life of your AC unit: lowering monthly costs, reducing the risks of damage and stopping big problems while they’re still relatively small. In towns like Celco, where heat and humidity are part and parcel of summertime, an annual maintenance session each spring can help you rest a little easier when the temperature starts to climb. But unless you’re an air conditioning professional, you might not know exactly what’s involved in the process. What happens during air conditioning maintenance? We’ve provided a brief rundown below.

1)      Bolts and lubrication. The technician should check all screws and bolts to ensure that they’re tight, and lubricate moving parts to prevent friction.

2)      Thermostat check. The thermostat and other controls should be checked and tested to ensure they are functioning properly.

3)      Refrigerant levels. The technician should check the refrigerant in your system and make sure that its levels are correct for the specific type of AC.

4)      Electrical check. The technician should ensure that voltage levels are where they should be, and that the electrical connections are all sound.

5)      Cleaning. Excessive dust and dirt should be removed,

6)      Clear condensate drain. The condensate drain collects ad removes condensation from the system. It should be cleaned to ensure that the flow of liquid is clear.

7)      Blower check. The blowers should be cleaned and adjusted, and any simple obstructions such as leaves and twigs should be removed.

8)      Change filters. Filters should always be exchanged (or cleaned if they’re permanent). You can often do this yourself in between formal maintenance sessions.

Before the summer hits, give the experts at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning a call to schedule an air conditioning maintenance session. Your house will be cooler and your pocket book will thank you!

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