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What Is Your HVAC System Missing?

question-markSpring is the time of year where you reconsider things. You donate clothes you haven’t touched in months, rearrange your furniture, and get ready for the warmth to come. We’d like you to include your HVAC system in this party. It’s time to ask yourself: what is your HVAC system missing?

It’s time to improve your HVAC in Milford, CT and we’re here to help. If you’ve noticed that your HVAC system could use some improvement, then we’d encourage you to start with one place—the thermostat. Let’s discuss this below…

How’s Your Thermostat?

How is your home’s thermostat? Can you say that you’re satisfied with it? A great thermostat should be able to do the following:

  • Accurately read the temperature of your home
  • Turn on when you need it to
  • Turn off when you need it to
  • Help you stay comfortable

Now, you might think that the thermostat you have is doing all of this. We’d like to you consider an upgrade if your thermostat falls into the following categories.

  • It’s reaching the 10 year age mark or it’s over 10 years in age.
  • It’s an analog thermostat (it uses a dial, switch, etc.) there’s no digital face.
  • You have a digital thermostat, but it doesn’t have any smart capabilities.

If your thermostat falls into the categories above, then you’re not getting the capability you think you’re getting. Older thermostats require you to consider them in all of your plans. You have to work around the system, the system doesn’t work around you.

New thermostat technology allows these systems to work with you. Smart thermostats can take this a step further by suggesting the most energy efficiency practices.

Your Upgrade Options

Now let’s talk about your upgrade options. You’ve got two main ones when you choose to upgrade. The question almost always boils down to smart or Wi-Fi thermostats. We’re going to break down the difference below:

Wi-Fi Thermostats

Wi-Fi thermostats are like digital thermostats with a little extra. Your Wi-Fi thermostat can be programmed from anywhere in the world with Internet access. This means you can be on road and realize that you forgot to turn off your air conditioner, pick up your phone, and have it turned off in that very second.

Wi-Fi thermostats help you eliminate the inefficiency that’s typically caused by human error.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats take the capabilities of Wi-Fi thermostats to the next level. Your smart thermostat is able to “learn” how you like to heat and cool your home. It spends the first couple of weeks that it’s in your home observing. It notes when you turn on your HVAC system, when you turn it off, how long you like the run your HVAC system, and what your preferred temperatures are.

Over time, it can come to anticipate your needs. It can turn on your heater or AC when you need it and even suggest better energy-efficient practices. Smart thermostats work to save you time and money.

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