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What Is a Hybrid Heating System?

Many homeowners want to enjoy the benefits a heat pump system can offer, but have concerns about having enough heat during frigidly cold weather. This is a valid concern here in New England, but there is a way you can use a heat pump system while also having all the heat you need: a hybrid heating system. This type of system covers all the bases as far as your indoor comfort is concerned, and the heating and cooling professionals from Celco Heating and Air Conditioning can help you with the installation and service of one. First, let’s take a look at how this type of system works.

Duel Fuel

A hybrid heating system is also known as a duel fuel system. It is comprised of a heat pump, which is the main HVAC system, and a back-up gas furnace. The heat pump is responsible for providing all of your cooling and is the main source of your heating up to an indoor temperature that you pre-set on your duel fuel thermostat. The issue with heat pumps and heat comes when the outside air temperature runs below 32 degrees. This is because once the temperature dips below freezing, there is far less available heat in the air to absorb. As such, it is recommended that you set the pre-set temperature for your gas furnace a few degrees above freezing. Once the temperature outside reaches the pre-set limit, the gas furnace automatically turns on to provide you with the heat you need. The furnace will turn off and the heat pump will take over heating again when the temperature rises above the pre-set limit.

Why Choose a Hybrid System?

A hybrid heating system offers you the best of both worlds: the energy efficiency of a heat pump and the back-up heat of a gas furnace. You will also enjoy cool air from your heat pump during the summer months.

If you have wanted to use a heat pump system but had concerns about its ability to properly heat your home in Stamford, CT, call the pros at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning about a hybrid heating system!

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