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What Kinds of Repairs Are Common to Geothermal Systems?

By this time of year, you are probably using your cooling system regularly. Because of this, it is also the time of year when our Celco Heating and Air Conditioning experts see an uptick in AC repair calls. If you cool your home using a geothermal system, you may be wondering what kinds of problems can develop. Here are some of the most common ones our experts see:

  • Scale build-up in the ground loop or heat pump – many people use ground-sourced water in their geothermal systems to help transfer heat. If the water is highly mineralized, a white, crusty build-up known as scale can affix itself to the interior of the ground loop. Should the build-up be large enough, it can restrict the flow of liquid through the ground loop and impede operation.
  • Problems with the heat pump – a geothermal system uses a heat pump to help transfer heat back and forth. Heat pumps contain a condenser and compressor, and also have a number of electrical components. Should problems develop with your heat pump, you’ll see issues arise with your cooling.
  • Problems with the manifold – the pipes of your ground loop system meet at a single connection point to shuttle the fluid back and forth; this component is called the manifold. The manifold typically has several valves that correlate to the pipes connecting to it, and sometimes problems can develop with a valve or the piping.

Call an Expert for Help

Celco Heating and Air Conditioning has been helping customers with their heating and cooling systems since 1976. Geothermal systems are very specific in how they work and what components they use, so it’s imperative to hire people who know what they are doing when you need help with your geothermal system. We are those people, and we are available day or night. Having problems with your geothermal system? Call us today and schedule a repair appointment for your home in Stamford, CT.

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