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Why Annual Fireplace Maintenance Is So Important

Are you feeling that chill in the air in the evenings? Are you looking at your wood pile picking out the choice pieces for your first fire of the year? It is that time of year, but we have one question to ask you: have you called your Celco Heating and Air Conditioning expert to schedule annual fireplace cleaning? If not, then it’s time to give us a call.

Why Does It Matter?

Your fireplace, whether used for occasional fires or daily to provide supplemental heat, will become coated with soot, ash and creosote, all combustion byproducts. These combustion byproducts are a serious problem for two big reasons: first, they are highly acidic, and will eat away at both masonry and metal, the two main components in any fireplace and chimney. Second, they are flammable – just because they are the byproducts of combustion doesn’t mean they can’t catch fire, and if they do ignite, it will be in your chimney. A professional fireplace cleaning, like the one you’ll receive from your Celco Heating and Air Conditioning technician, ensures that these byproducts will be completely removed so that you can have a clean-burning, efficient fireplace for your fall and winter seasons. But there are other reasons to schedule fall fireplace cleaning in Celco:

  • Home insurance coverage – there are many home insurances that require annual fireplace cleaning to keep coverage in force for any fire damage that may occur.
  • Prevents repairs and further corrosion – your fireplace will undergo a thorough inspection during the cleaning process that allows your technician to detect any existing or developing problems in your fireplace and get ahead of them before they can become major issues.
  • Better efficiency – if you were experiencing drafting problems or issues with the fire not becoming hot enough, a professional fireplace cleaning will address these issues.

Let the experts at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning help you enjoy the warmth of a good fire this fall and winter with our comprehensive fireplace cleaning services – call us today!

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