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Why Do Air Conditioning Companies Offer Maintenance Programs?

Like most homeowners you probably get your car’s oil changed on a regular basis to make sure that your vehicle keeps operating smoothly and consistently. The same principle holds true for other pieces of equipment in your home like your air conditioning system. We often get asked by our customers why we have a maintenance program and we wanted to use this blog post to explain why we do and also why regular maintenance is so important for your home’s AC system.

New Haven, CT Air Conditioning Company Tips: Why Maintenance Matters

Your air conditioning system gets a ton of use during the summer months which can really take a toll on your equipment. Getting regular maintenance could have some of the following benefits for your home.

  • Reduced repair – One really great potential benefit to getting regular maintenance is that you could be able to reduce the need for repair. By having your equipment inspected, cleaned and repaired on a regular basis by a professional they could be able to find small problems and issues early before they cause more damage.
  • Extended life – All of the small problems that develop with your air conditioning system could cause your equipment to break down. But when you consistently remove those issues with regular maintenance, you could be able to keep your AC system working longer.
  • Improved efficiency – When your air conditioner has little things wrong with it then they could keep it from operating as efficiently as possible. But when you get your air conditioner regularly inspected the technicians with your New Haven, CT air conditioning company will look for those things and remove them so that your AC can work as efficiently as possible.

Why We Have a Maintenance Program

One of the main reasons why we here at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning offer a maintenance program is because we’re dedicated to the comfort and satisfaction of our customers. But in addition to that, signing up for a maintenance program can have other benefits as well. Our maintenance program members get the following benefits as well:

  • 15% discount on service
  • Priority service
  • Extra savings
  • 10% off duct cleaning
  • Complete service records

When you need a New Haven, CT air conditioning company that has your home’s comfort as their top priority, call Celco Heating and Air Conditioning.

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