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Why Get Professional Generator Installation

Have you ever had a computer crash on you, felt that sudden terror about lost data, and then let out a huge sigh of relief because you had an automatic back-up installed on an external hard drive? We hope so—at least about that last part. There’s nothing that can bring you peace of mind like having a back-up system to support you.

Now, take that computer crash problem and apply it to the power in your house during extreme weather conditions. Your power goes out, and then… an emergency generator automatically turns on and you once again have your lights, your heating system, your refrigerator… everything working you need to get by until the power company can restore your electricity. A solid whole-home generator will more than pay for itself during those brief times when you need it, and all those times when it keeps you from worrying.

However, you need to have professionals perform a generator installation in Westport, CT—like the staff at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning. Don’t go to amateurs, and don’t buy a unit and try to install it yourself.

The most important reason that you need professionals to handle installing your whole-home generator is that the best and most reliable units run on natural gas power coming from a municipal source. You do not want to attempt to connect anything to a natural gas line unless you are trained and licensed to handle the task. You risk exposure to poisonous carbon monoxide as well as possible explosions. Local codes may even prohibit you from doing any work on a line connected to a gas main.

Another reason to stick with professional installers is that you need their experience to properly match the generator size with the power needs of your house. You don’t want a generator that will short out your electrical system because it is too powerful, nor do you want a generator that will struggle to supply enough power to even run a toaster.

Celco Heating and Air Conditioning specializes in installing whole-home generators, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our work with upfront pricing so you always know what the job will cost. Call us today to schedule generator installation in Westport, CT so you can have the back-up you need to keep you safe, comfortable, and free from worry.

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