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Why You Need to Keep Your Heat Pump Clear of Snow

Right now, it may seem like snow on your heat pump won’t be a problem you’ll need to deal with, but don’t be lulled into thinking that winter isn’t coming – it is. And we know as well as you do that we can get just as much snow as any other state in New England. If you use a heat pump system, it’s very important to keep your outdoor cabinet free of ice and snow. Otherwise, you may see some problems develop with your heat pump. Wondering why? We’ll explain more below.

Absorbing Heat from the Air

During the summer months, your heat pump absorbs heat from the surrounding outdoor air to heat your home. It is the components in the outdoor cabinet that do this, with the help of the refrigerant in the system. If your outdoor cabinet is covered in a layer of snow and ice, its ability to absorb heat from the surrounding air is greatly prohibited, and this will have a negative effect on the operation of your heat pump system.

What Happens When There Isn’t Enough?

If your heat pump isn’t able to absorb the amount of heat it needs from the outdoor air, your system will be put under great strain. You likely notice that the temperature of the air blowing into your home is tepid, and you may also notice that your system is using much more energy than it should to heat your home. Should the strain continue for a period of time, you may even see your heat pump breakdown.

Clear It Off

The easiest way to avoid problems caused by a covered outdoor cabinet is to clear off all snow and ice consistently and quickly. Ice typically forms when snow has been allowed to sit and melt, so when there’s a snow storm, make sure you clear your heat pump off along with any other snow removal.

If you experience any issues with your heat pump due to excess snow and ice coverage on the outdoor cabinet, call the pros at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning today. We’ll make sure your heat pump in Westport is back on track in no time!

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