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Why Your AC Blows Warm Air

man-on-couch-with-fanProblems with air conditioning systems can be very subtle, making them very hard to detect and allowing them to do real damage to the system over time. Today, we’re not talking about such subtle problems. Instead, we’ll be focusing on one of the most obvious problems that you can encounter with your air conditioner: an AC that is blowing warm air. The fact that the problem is obvious, though, doesn’t mean that it is simple to diagnose or resolve.

As you’ll see in the post that follows, there are actually a number of potential causes of this problem. The key to figuring out precisely why your air conditioner is blowing warm is to work with trained professionals that have experience in making such diagnoses. That is why you should turn to our team. When it comes to HVAC services in Norwalk, CT, we are the pros to call. Let us help you to get your air conditioner back on track as soon as possible.

Rule Out the Obvious

Okay, this is going to sound incredibly obvious, and it is, but be sure to check your thermostat settings before you go ahead and dial our number to schedule air conditioning repairs of any kind. The last thing that you want to do is hire a professional to come out and press a button on your thermostat, after all! And trust us, we wouldn’t be telling you this were it not an issue we’ve seen in the past.

Someone may have adjusted the thermostat without you realizing it, potentially switching a heat pump over to its cooling mode. Maybe the AC is set to fan-only. Whatever the case, all you need to do in this event is reset the thermostat properly to fix the problem!

It May Be Your Ducts

Does it seem as though warm air is coming from the AC, but really just in one particular area? Does the same spot have issues with cold air coming from your forced air heater in the winter? If so, it is likely a problem with your ductwork. All of the air onditioned by your AC passes through your ductwork, so this is a serious problem.

You’ll need to have your air ducts tested by trained professionals if you want to pinpoint the source of such leaks. You’ll also need us to handle any duct repair and/or duct sealing that may be necessary. These are not jobs that a nonprofessional can handle—and no, duct tape is no the right tool for the job!

Refrigerant Leaks Are Possible

The worst case scenario here is a refrigerant leak. Why is that? Because the whole cooling process hinges on the refrigerant cycle. If your system is not evaporating refrigerant effectively and transferring heat reliably, you’ve got a real problem. And that cycle is really going to be impeded by a low refrigerant charge!

In fact, you could damage your compressor beyond repair, which is all but guaranteed to necessitate a full AC replacement. So contact us if your AC is blowing warm air, and protect both your  AC and your comfort in the process.

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