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Yes, It Might Be Time to Let Go of Your Furnace

furnace-flameYou can only make your winters warm and cozy in Connecticut if you have a working furnace installed at your property. Like any other home comfort system, furnaces have a certain lifespan, and after that, the wise thing is to let go of them. Since the furnace is one of those home appliances that continue to serve for over a decade, it is tricky to know when to bid farewell to your furnace.

If you are sensing that the time for replacing your furnace has come, take these factors into account. They will confirm if you should say goodbye to your old furnace.  

Mounting Energy Bills

Many property owners continue to pay hefty energy bills during winter months without realizing that the spike in the energy expense has happened due to an old, inefficient furnace. If you want to be certain that the hike in energy cost is due to a poorly working furnace, compare your bill from previous seasons. If there is an increment without any fuel cost hike or increased consumption, it is a sign that your existing furnace has completed its run and needs a brand new replacement.

Multiple Expensive Repairs at the Same Time

You should also consider saying goodbye to your old furnace if it has developed multiple expensive repairs simultaneously. For instance, it might be a better financial deal to invest in a brand new furnace instead of simultaneously fixing/replacing the faulty blower motor and heat exchanger of your old furnace. The cost of such expensive multiple repairs can easily add up, where spending on a new furnace with all new parts and components makes more sense.

Gone Beyond Operating Life

Different furnaces come with different prescribed operating lives. On average, every furnace is designed to operate for 15-20 years without experiencing irreparable damages and significant efficiency drops. Look at its service card and purchase receipt to find out its exact operational run.

If you don’t have those documents, call us. We’re your resource for all things furnaces in Westport, CT. We’ll help you to determine if you should start considering replacing the entire unit instead of relying on occasional tune-ups and fixes.

More Frequent Repairs

If you notice that you have to spend a significant amount of fortune on fixing your furnace of late, you should start considering replacing it. When a furnace starts showing new problems every other day, it strongly hints towards a failing unit that is inching towards a complete and irreversible breakdown.

Don’t wait for that eventual moment and replace your furnace right away. Acting fast in this regard will save you hundreds of dollars that will be wasted otherwise in the meaningless repair of an already dead furnace.

Celco Heating and Air Conditioning is a trustworthy contractor for all HVAC services and repairs in Westport, CT. Our experts can help you find out if it’s time to bid farewell to your old system. We can also help you find the best new furnace in line with your requirements and install it at your property.

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