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3 Common Air Conditioning Repairs

Summer is on the way, and with it comes the possibility of air conditioning repairs. We all want our air conditioners to respond without difficulty and with a little care and maintenance, you can reduce the risk of a breakdown considerably. But sooner or later, every appliance suffers problems, and with most air conditioners undergoing daily use, chances are you’re going to encounter trouble somewhere along the line. Air conditioning repair in Westport CT can usually address most problems, but the more you understand about your air conditioner, the more quickly you can spot signs of trouble.

Common Air Conditioning Repairs to be Mindful of

  • Low refrigerant. Your air conditioner needs a specific amount of refrigerant to function as it should. (The exact amount and type of refrigerant depends on the model of air conditioner.) When a leak springs up in the system, it reduces your air conditioner’s ability to cool the air. Ice will form on the evaporator coils and the unit itself will have to work harder to do the same job. Cleaning the ice off won’t help. You need to have a professional seal the leak and recharge the refrigerant to its proper levels.
  • Faulty fan motor. The fan motor can suffer from any number of problems, from an overload to an electrical problem resulting from faulty connections. When it runs into trouble, the air won’t flow as smoothly, and may not even flow at all. Check the reset button on the motor if you suspect problems. If hitting it doesn’t correct the issue, you should call in a professional.
  • Dirty filters and clogs. Filters can create clogs in the system, as can build-up from dust, dirt and other detritus. In the short term, they can lower the quality of the air in your home. In the long term, they can impede the flow of air into your home and cost you unnecessary energy whenever you run your system.

Air conditioning repairs come in all shapes and sizes, but if you know some of the most common, you’re one step ahead of the game. The next step is to call the experts at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning.

We handle all kinds of air conditioning repair in Westport CT, and we won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

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