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Problems Caused by Damaged Ductwork

The ductwork that forms the channels of your ventilation system must maintain a constant seal. This way, the air that travels through it will not drop in pressure and affect the airflow from the vents. However, should the seal break, air pressure is only one of the problems that can occur.

You need to have professionals repair damaged ductwork—this isn’t a job for commercial duct tape! If you feel air that’s the wrong temperature coming from the vents, detect musty odors in the air, or notice a build-up of dirt in your home, you may have leaky ducts. Call the team at Celco Heating and Air Conditioning to handle the repairs for your ductwork in Milford, CT. We’ve kept ventilation systems in prime shape since 1976.

What can happen because of damaged ducts?

  • A drop in heating/cooling power: Because a leak in a duct will lower the air pressure inside, the airflow from the vents into rooms will plunge. The power to heat and cool will drop with it. During heating season, heat will also escape from the duct breaks, and during cooling season, heat will enter the breaks.
  • Rise in utility bills: Losing air pressure, as well as an increase of dust and dirt entering the ductwork, will put additional stress on the air conditioner/heater. This will make it strain to work, and will turn the system inefficient. You can expect a rise in your utility bills because the HVAC system has additional stress. (There’s also a higher chance it will incur repairs.)
  • Lowered indoor air quality: Any dust or debris that enters into ductwork can also then enter the air in your house. A break in a duct will make the situation worse. Since these leaks will usually open onto closed and dusty spots in a house (crawl spaces, between walls), they will draw in large amounts of contamination. They can also permit moisture in and cause bacterial growth, like mold. This will have a negative effect on your air quality.

Hire professionals for your duct sealing

For duct repairs, trust to experienced duct sealers to take care of the problem. They will track down all the leaks and use mastic sealant or metal tape to patch up the leaks and restore your ventilation to leak-free state.

For your Milford, CT ductwork issues, make the call to Celco Heating and Air Conditioning. We handle other air quality improvements, as well as repairs for many types of HVAC systems.

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