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3 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Maintenance This Spring

Spring… time to prepare for the summer heat. The best protection you have against the highs of summer is an effective air conditioner working in your home. An AC that’s in danger of malfunctions, break downs, or uneven cooling needs attention right away so summer won’t sneak up on you unprepared. Here are some signs your air conditioner needs a maintenance visit this spring from a trained HVAC technician.

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3 warnings you need to schedule AC maintenance

  1. An increase in electricity bills: If you’ve already started running your air conditioner this spring, take a look at you electrical bill to see if it shows a significant increase compared to what you paid at the same time last year. An air conditioner overdue for cleanings and adjustments will start overworking and drain power, raising your bills. The longer the system goes without maintenance, the higher the bills will rise. An AC without regular maintenance works on average 20% less efficiently than one that does.
  2. A decrease in cooling power: If the temperature from your air conditioner feels warmer than usual, and you keep setting the thermostat lower and lower to make the system run long enough to keep you cool, then the AC needs a check up to see if anything is wrong and if fine-tuning will help it run better.
  3. Short-cycling: This is a term that refers to an air conditioner that keeps turning off after running for only a short time, stopping before it can complete its full cooling cycle. This can happen because of a number of problems, from dirty coils to leaking refrigerant. Have this looked into right away before the short-cycling causes a large drain in energy.

To be honest, you don’t actually need signs to tell you to schedule maintenance. If your air conditioner received maintenance last spring, then you should have it done again this spring. Annual maintenance is mandatory for your AC to run its best and to reach its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan. Even if you notice nothing wrong with your air conditioner, if a year has passed since its last inspection and tune-up, then it’s time for maintenance.

Call Celco Heating and Air Conditioning for the air conditioning maintenance in Westport, CT that will keep you cool all through summer. Our maintenance program also includes a 15% discount on services and priority scheduling. Call today to enroll.

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