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What’s Involved in Fireplace Replacement

Fireplaces are wonderful additions to your home, providing inexpensive heating as well as a marvelous romantic atmosphere. But they can also suffer damage from inclement weather and other issues, and sometimes replacing an old fireplace is preferable to installing a new one. Here in Milford CT, our technicians experienced in fireplace installation services will be happy to replace a damaged or ineffective fireplace for you, and will also help explain what’s involved in fireplace replacement. A brief rundown follows.

In Milford, CT, fireplace installation can be performed by experienced professionals here at Celco Heating and Air conditioning. Schedule an initial consultation today. 

First of all, the technician determines which aspects of your existing fireplace can remain, and what kind of space is available for a new one. Things such as the venting pipe might not require replacing, and the technician will need to make careful measurements of the hearth and the height of the chimney to ensure that the new fireplace matches the old one.

The old fireplace is then carefully dismantled, using supports and stabilizers to maintain structural integrity of your home in the process. Again, depending on the nature of the damage in question, you may be able to retain certain components from the old system. The technician will then place metal hearth strips at the base of the structure and ensure that the fireplace is level. He or she will then assemble the chimney sections, which can be anything from a large venting pipe to a brick edifice depending on your fireplace. The firestop spaces will be installed in the top of the chimney (providing air space to protect the rest of the home’s structure from any heat from the fireplace). An insulation shield will be put in, followed by the chimney assembly itself. (That last step will include securing the chimney so that it remains stable within the space.) Roof flashing and any chimney tops will be added, and finally any missing components of the hearth will be installed.

Knowing what’s involved in fireplace replacement means understanding that you need a quality professional to put it together.  We have the skills you need to make such a project work beautifully, so pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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